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Academics/Executive Dashboards

Requires access to Stony Brook University Tableau Server. Academics and executive sites merged as of Fall 2018.



 Enrollment    Enrollment Sparkline


  Fall 2019 headcount enrollment
  Comparison Dashboard

 Completions   Completions Sparkline


  Degrees & certificates 2018-19
  Comparison Dashboard

 Rankings    Rankings Sparkline


  US News & World Report 2020
  Comparison Dashboard

 Graduation Rates    Graduation Rate Sparkline


  4-yr FT FT grad. rate 2014 cohort
  Comparison Dashboard

 Financial Aid      Financial Aid Sparkline 


  UG receiving Pell grants 2017-18
  Comparison Dashboard

 Employees    Employees Sparkline


  November 2019 headcount
  Comparison Dashboard (faculty)

 Applications    Applications Sparkline


  Freshmen applications Fall 2019
  Comparison Dashboard

 Research    Research Sparkline

 $144.6 M

 Federal exp. (NSF FY 2019)
  Comparison Dashboard

 Student Charges    Student Charges Sparkline


 In-state tuition & req. fees 2019-20
  Comparison Dashboard



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Admissions Comparatives   Doctoral Dashboard
Graduate Admissions    
Undergraduate Admissions   Graduation and Retention Rates
Undergraduate Admissions Analytics   All Cohorts
Benchmark: Freshman Admissions, IPEDS      Full-Time, First-Time
    Junior Year
Courses and Credit Hours   Benchmark: Graduation & Retention Rates (FTFT), IPEDS
Credit Hours and Registrations    
DFWU Rates   Human Resources
Grade Distributions   Employees
Registration Comparatives (BETA)   Benchmark: Faculty, IPEDS
Registration Metrics    
Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC)   Rankings
    Benchmark: ARWU Rankings
Degree Completions   Benchmark: Center for World University Rankings
Degree Completions   Benchmark: Forbes Rankings
Undergraduate Time to Degree   Benchmark: Times Higher Education
Benchmark: Degree Completions, IPEDS   Benchmark: QS Rankings
Benchmark, Post-Completion Wages of Graduates, SUNY   Benchmark: Round University Rankings
    Benchmark: US News
Geographic Details   Research  
Headcount Enrollment   Research Metrics
Major Migration   Benchmark: NSF HERD
Stony Brook Southampton    
SUNY Korea   Student Charges
Benchmark: Fall Headcount Enrollment, IPEDS   Benchmark: Student Charges, IPEDS
Financial Aid    
Undergraduate Financial Aid    
Benchmark: Debt of Graduates, College Scorecard    
Benchmark: Student Financial Aid, IPEDS