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Report standards

The Data Governance Council is charged with establishing standards for university reports that make use of the data under its purview. Report standards have been developed to promote clear communication about data and to empower data users to meet their responsibilities to:

2a. recognize that institutional data and information derived from it are potentially complex. Make efforts to understand the source, meaning and proper use of the data through training sessions, utilizing data dictionaries and knowledge of supporting system processes; and

2b. include information about the data source and criteria when distributing data, reports and ad hoc analytics to guard against misinterpretations of data.

Approved University Data Report Standards

Approved by the Data Governance Council
December 15, 2017

Level 1
required of all reports

  • Descriptive title
  • Date produced/executed
  • Office preparing report
  • Source
  • Use of shared/approved terminology
  • Labels for column/row headers, chart axes
  • Page numbers

Level 2

  • Control totals
  • Drillable
  • Link to dictionaries, definitions
  • Purpose/interpretation
  • Tables/selection criteria used
  • Notes with critical definitions
  • Criteria/Parameters used



Example of Report Standards

Example of Report Standards2