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Data Governance Council

Stony Brook's Data Governance Council recommends and implement institutional policy for data governance in PeopleSoft and the Data Warehouse, including for how data are defined, produced, used, stored, and destroyed. It reports periodically to the Project 50 Forward Steering Committee on progress implementing its charge


Braden Hosch, Asst. Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness, Chair
Kim Berlin, Director of Strategic Analytics, Co-Chair
Ahmed Belazi, VP Student Affairs designee
Diane Bello, University Registrar
David Cyrille, Senior VP Health Sciences designee
Robert Davidson, VP Research designee
Lyle Gomes, Finance and Administration designee
Kate Larsen, University Controller
Tracey McEachern, VP Human Resources designee
Rodney Morrison, Associate Provost for Enrollment and Retention Management
Michael Ospitale, Senior VP Information Technology designee
Jacque Pascariello, Director of Financial Aid
Wendy Tang, Provost's designee
[Vacant], University Senate Designee
Theresa Diemer, Institutional Research Data Manager, ex officio

Annual Report

2017-18 Annual Report


The Data Governance Council meets on the second Thursday of every month at 2pm in the President's Conference Room



September 13 agenda minutes
October 11 agenda minutes
November 8 agenda minutes
December 13 agenda minutes
January 17 agenda minutes
February 14 agenda minutes
March 14 agenda minutes
April 11 agenda minutes
May 9 agenda minutes
June 13 agenda minutes


September 14 agenda minutes
October 12 agenda minutes
November 9 agenda minutes
December 14 agenda minutes
February 8 agenda minutes
April 12 agenda minutes
June 14 agenda minutes


February 23 agenda minutes
March 9 agenda minutes
April 13 agenda minutes
June 8 agenda minutes
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