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Data Governance

Data governance formalizes behavior around how data are defined, produced, used, stored, and destroyed in order to enable and enhance organizational effectiveness. (Seiner, 2014; Gartner, 2013). Following from a recommendation for a Project 50 Forward initiative to enhance the university's data infrastructure, Stony Brook adopted a data governance framework in September 2016.

Data Governance Framework
Communicates the values, principles, and structures of data governance at Stony Brook

Data Governance Council (DGC)
Serves as a web page for the Council

Other materials

Data dictionary standards
Approved by the Data Governance Council to set guidelines for metadata collection to promote shared understanding of the meaning and descriptive characteristics of data elements.

Report standards
Approved by the Data Governance Council to assist users to meet their responsibilities to understand the meaning and proper use of university data and to guard against misinterpretations.

Stony Brook University Data Strategy | pptx
The University's intentional action and prioritization plan to harness and integrate data in order to create and disseminate information and intelligence that will advance the University's mission


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