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Visit the Innovation Lab at Harriman Hall 210

The Innovation Lab is the center for all different ideas and concepts to come to life. We provide the SBU Community with access to a wide array of tools in a clean and safe environment. While being open during the school day, we also provide workshops to learn more about different things we do here. Check out our other facilities to at the Innovation Design Studio and Innovation Greenhouse to get more access to innovative tools and workspaces.   Innovation Lab Entrance


Since Fall 2017 the Innovation Lab is offering the Laser engraving servises on materials such as: acrylic, cork, wood, cotton, denim, fleece, glass, leather, marble and rubber stamps. We do not provide the materials but we do have laser engraving trainings which is mandatory in order to use the engraver.


The Innovation Lab offers 8 self-service 3D printers. Make sure to come and get trained to be certified in self-service 3D printing. The training times are

Along with 8 self-service 3D printers, we also have a queue at an off-site location that you can use to print more complex prints just by submitting your .stil files to us. 3Dprinting queue submition station is available in all 3 spaces however you can only pick it up from the Innovation Lab. Ask the consultants about the printing queue and they will show you where you can submit it. To use them you have to be a member of the lab .  Requests are printed on a first come, first serve basis. You will rceive and email once your print is ready for a pick-up from the Innovation Lab.

Innovation Lab Photo station  


 In addition, there are two sewing machines for members' use. One of the sewing machine can also perform  embroidery. You also have to get trained before using them. 


To sign up for the training on any of the equipment listed above fill out this form.

If you have suggestions for open source software, let a staff member know. 

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