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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

iCREATE is the main center for all different ideas and concepts to come to life. We provide the SBU Community with access to a wide array of tools in a clean and safe environment. While being open during the school day, we also provide workshops to learn more about different things we do here. This FAQ represents some of the standard questions asked by our members

What is the equipment in facilities?

  • 3D Printing - Self-Service 3D Printers, Queue based 3D Printing, 3D Pens, 3D Scanner
  • Artistic - Sewing, Embroidery machine, Silk Screen, Paint, Colored Pencils, scissors, and other art supplies
  • Design - Vinyl Cutter and Laminating machine
  • Electronics - LittleBits, Soldering equipment, multimeters and wires.
  • Digital Media - Greenscreen, PadCaster, Mac with Adobe Software, GoPro's and d igital picture station
  • Collabration - Whiteboards, Projectors for presentations, and AppleTV with Displays for group collabration
  • Fabrication - Laser Cutter,  CNC machine. 
  • Visualization - Video Wall, HTC Vive and 3D portable headsets

* You can also visit our Services  page to learn more about the equitment in our facilities.

What Self Service Training Sessions are there?

We offer numerous self-service training sessions in 3D printing, Laser Cutting, Sewing, and CNC machine.  These will teach you best practices and educate you on safety practices to use your equipment.   (To sign up you must be logged into your email account)

Sign up for one of the Training Sessions, Please fill out this RSVP Form.

Where are the facilities?

The facilities are located in Harriman Hall Room 210, Harriman Hall 206, Harriman Hall 016 and the Bridge on the Second Floor between Harriman and Physics.  iCREATE HQ is in Harriman Hall 205.

What hours are the facilities open? 

You can check out our hours here.