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The One Button Studio (OBS) is a self-service studio that faculty, staff, and students can easily use to practice presentations, rehearse for interviews, and even record online lectures. The space is prepared with professional video recording equipment that can be used at the push of a button. 


WHO can use this space?

The One Button Studio is open to  all SBU students, facility, staff in any program.


WHAT services are available here?

●   Video Recorder & Microphone

●   Glassboard with Dry Erase Markers

●   TV Screen with HDMI cable

●   Fat32 USB Flash Drives (used for the video recorder)

Check out our  OBS User Guide     for more information on how to use the space! 

If you would like to learn more about how to use the One Button Studio, visit our training page.


WHEN is the One Button Studio open?

The One Button Studio is open by appointment only. Please use the calendar below to make a reservation. 

WHERE is this space located?

 The One Button Studio is located in  TV Studio A in the Educational Communications Center.

Directions to the One Button Studio (OBS):










1.  The Educational Communication Center (ECC) is the building between Psychology B and Javits 

2. The enterance to the building is the door closest to the Psychology B building.

3. Once you enter, you will see a small hallway leading to a door on the right.

4. Once you enter that doorway, you will see a sign to "TV STUDIO A" Follow the arrows.

5. The arrows will lead you to another door. Once inside, theres a pathway that leads into each of the studios. OBS is in the last studio at the end of the path.