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iTEACH @ Lightboard Studio

The iTEACH @ Lightboard Studio is a new self-service studio that can be used for recording lectures, developing video content, practice presentations, video conference meetings, research, and interviews.   

The studio is for faculty, staff, and students.   The space is prepared with professional video recording equipment that can be used easily.

WHO can use this space?

The iTEACH studio is open to all SBU students, facility, staff in any program.


WHAT services are available here?

●   Lightboard and Dry Erase Markers with a recording setup

●   Zoom private station with a professional microphone and web camera

●   Two displays for presentations

●   USB Flash Drives (used for the video recorder)

If you would like to learn more about how to use the iTEACH @ The Lightboard Studio, email us for training sessions


WHEN is the iTEACH studio open?

The iTEACH studio is open by appointment only. Please use this form and calendar below to make a reservation. 

Reservation Form

WHERE is this space located?

 The iTEACH Studio is located in the Basement of Harriman Hall, room 025.