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Our newest facility is now open! Come check out the Innovation Toolbox, a space where you can bring all of your building ideas to life.  The Innovation Toolbox is found in the basement of Harriman Hall, room 016 . Known as one of the creation spaces, the Toolbox allows students to bring their creations from ideas into reality.

The Toolbox offers new and exciting tools such as a Band Saw and Drill Bit, which, after training, members can use to build and modify their projects. Along with these larger power tools, smaller ones such as drills, saws, hammer, and pliers are accessible to students following proper safety precautions.

Another new piece of equipment available for use is the 3D Scanner, which allows members to accurately scan already existing physical objects into files they can use on their computer.

The Toolbox also offers different versions of already existing machinery, such as the CNC Carvey and Laser Cutter, giving students a greater opportunity to use and explore them

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