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Past Presentations

  • 2016

    Chang Hyeon Lee and Jong Jeon

    Green Pillow

    Green Pillow is an independent project organized by ten undergraduates attending Stony Brook University. Our goal was to provide sound sleep to refugees, the homeless, and people living below the poverty line by supplying pillows filled with used straws—through upcycling. The idea for the Green Pillow was conceived when our project members thought about the harsh conditions other people faced on a daily basis regardless of their demographics. Instead of the conventional way of volunteerism and donating, we wished to provide a longer lasting impact; that impact revolved around ideas to increase the quality of life for these individuals that faced hardships on a daily basis. This ultimately brought us to the topic of sleep. Sound sleep is an essential factor in both the physical and mental aspects of health and development. Although several national and international efforts towards supplying adequate food, water, education, and other necessities are established, not much effort has been expending on providing the less fortunate with sound sleep.


    Chelsea Marks​

    Belt Buddies

    Belt Buddies a non-for-profit organization created by Stony Brook University student Chelsea Marks. This is a company that creates comfort devices for women diagnosed with breast cancer and has recently had a mastectomy and/or breast replacement. The product made by Belt Buddies are simply...a cushioned seatbelt cover! These belts take the weight off a seatbelt pressing into the tender skin of a patient who has been thru a very painful time, both mentally and physical These seatbelt covers are given to women post-mastectomy free of charge and all expenses to create these comes from donations to our go fund me page found at . As of now all products go to women assisted with NY Breast Reconstruction associates however, we would like to expand this so as many women can be helped as possible. To learn more read the newsday article written about us at


    Rebecca Kranz

    Drone Usage

    My idea is to use a drone to chase geese off of lawns, fields, beaches, or any other area unwanted geese congregate. Unlike loud noises or cardboard animal cutouts, drones are physical objects that will encourage geese to react. Unlike chase dogs, a drone will continue to encourage the geese to leave the area once airborne. I will then use prerecorded sounds of drones to encourage them to remain out of the area between successive flights.


    Rina Inaba

    The Sweet Tooth

    As a pre-dental student, I have worked at various dental clinics and one common theme I typically hear is that they hate going to the dentist but they love eating sweets. As someone who enjoys baking, this got me thinking... Why not use a sugar substitute that will not only be healthier than sugar but also have many dental benefits? At my father's dental office, he offers Xylitol Lollipops which are kosher, gluten free, and dairy free while delivering a beneficial dose of cavity-fighting xylitol. As someone who enjoys brownies and cupcakes, I started researching if it is possible to substitute the sugar in baked goods with Xylitol. I found surprising results. Eating sugar causes tooth decay by creating an acidic condition in the mouth which is bad for oral health but Xylitol is a natural, non-fermentable sweetener that helps restore a proper pH balance to the mouth. My goal is to open up "The Sweet Tooth", a bakery that sells a wide range of sweets made with Xylitol.

    Fundraising executive with over 25 years of experience

    Sal Farrugia

    Long Island Social Sports

    My idea is 'Long Island Social Sports'. The organization runs coed sports leagues for adults on Long Island. The point of the leagues is not to achieving sporting greatness but to give adults the opportunity to meet people, get involved, be active, socialize and unwind. Since the inception in 2013, the league has served over 2,000 adults and grossed over $100k from our kickball and soccer leagues. Every night of games is followed by an after-party at a sponsored bar. Players receive drink specials and participate in the 'Bar Championship' which awards points for completing fun photo challenges and playing fun games such as water balloon toss, trivia and karaoke. Player retention rate is at 80% which indicates the enjoyment players receive from participating in the league. I seek to replicate this model and canvas Long Island with my social sport leagues.

    Fundraising executive with over 25 years of experience

    Varun Shivakumar


    Fanuble is a new social media platform that's main focus is on interaction among personalities and fans. On our website, just like on other sites, you can discuss news, share content and become a fan of your favorite personalities. But on Fanuble, you can do much more than just make a post or comment; Fanuble has a gamified of points system, live multi-threaded comments and fun, active fan communities. We designed a platform with personalities and fans as our main focus. As a result, our fans on Fanuble get the best content, real conversations with other fans, and recognition from their favorite personalities. Personalities on Fanuble will finally have their own customizable space for their fan base, where they can shape the way they want to interact with fans. Also, our platform is easy and intuitive enough for any average social media user to understand instantly. Our goal is for everyone to have their own interactive, fun and awesome fan community.

    Fundraising executive with over 25 years of experience

  • 2017

    Edward Buckler

    Outland Analytics


    Benjamoin Conard

    Five North Analytics


    Magdalene Fograrsi

    Blood Pressure Cuff


    Andrew Freimuth



    Yehonothan Litman

    Maple System 


    Adam Wang

    Toilet Flush Generator


  • 2018

    Damien Lord Beri



    Yark Beyan



    Shreya Chimpiri



    Collin Kwasnik



    Shrish Patel



    Anurekha Ravikumar



    Ariel Rodriguea and Yash Jain



























Where are they now?

Outland Analytics Outland Analytics

Outland Analytics is dedicated to providing technical solutions to the worldwide illigal logging. The founders of the company, Elliot Richards and  Edward Buckler, started working on this idea for a school project. In 2017 they pitched their idea at WolfieTank. Read the article below to learn more

Edward Buckler '21 Grows a Company While Getting Education
Five North Chocolate Five North Chocolate

Five North Chocolate is a fair trade chocolate company that was started by Ben Conard. His business has been mentioned in multiple information sources like Forbes and Cause Artist. 


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