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2020 Topic: Health and Wellness

COMPETITION DAYS: March 27th - March 28th

5PM - 5PM

Stony Brook University iCREATE and our partners are holding  InnovateIT, an i nspiring multidisciplinary make-a-thon  where we challenge students to collaborate in order to envision a real-world solution and bring it to life for a chance to win prizes.  With food, support, and additional resources provided we strive to create a creative environment for our participants to build beyond normalcy. 

This year, we’re asking for the participants to innovate based on the topic of health and wellness. With five different judging tracks (prototype. Software, business, first time maker, and mystery) to compete in, there’s a place for every major at InnovateIT. In addition to the wide range of space, equipment and supplies there will also be seminars, socials, and a keynote speaker, Cathrine Duffy. 

    hackathon whiteboard    ilab   

Can you take an idea and make it a reality in 24 hours?  If so, InnovateIT is the place for you!  

RSVP now to take your creativity to the next level

2020 keynote speaker: Cathrine duffy

Diana VossCathrine Duffy
Director of Healthier U

Cathrine Duffy recently became Director of Healthier U, Stony Brook University's employee wellness program. As Director, Cathrine is responsible for continuing the development of the Healthier U initiative and implementing a full suite of programs designed to support a healthy work environment and provide opportunities for staff and faculty to enhance their physical, fiscal and mental health. Cathrine will also eventually assume leadership responsibility for the Employee Assistance Program .  Prior to this role, Cathrine served as Director of Student Support in the Office of the Dean of Students.


Cathrine was a founding faculty member of Stony Brook's School of Journalism and lectured there for six years. In addition to teaching, Cathrine provided academic advising to journalism students and administered alumni and recruitment outreach. She has also served as co-coordinator of the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists, a residential high school journalism workshop. Cathrine previously worked at Newsday in various capacities including news editor, copy editor and deputy Long Island editor. She is a two-time alumna of Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in journalism and a Master of Arts in Public Policy.