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Think. Create. Innovate.

Stony Brook DoIT,  Innovation Events 

Working with SBU students, faculty and community, DoIT, iCREATE Innovation strives to present projects and educate others on the activities we pursue. We are showcased at various conferences, festivals, and community events including CEWIT, the GIS conference, and the Long Island Maker Festival. The goal of our outreach is to educate community members on the ideas, projects, and innovation coming out the lab and to help grow/expand our partnerships, donors, and own community. Join us at our next events to get a taste of the Innovation! 



WolfieTank, like the popular TV show Shark Tank, presents a unique opportunity for members of the Stony Brook Community to showcase their talents by presenting ideas to an esteemed panel of Judges. Through this event, contestants will receive valuable feedback and expert advice from established individuals in the industry.




 InnovateIT is the hackathon that wants to see your ideas come to life.  We have platforms such as video, hardware, design challenges and more.  We want you to make a difference in the world, or just your campus community by designing solutions to real problems.  




iCREATE is pleased to offer 3D Print training, Laser Engraver training, CNC training, Vinyl training, Drone training and Sewing/Embroidery for our members. All trainings are held in the Innovation Lab in Harriman 210 or the Greenhouse in Harriman 206. You have to RSVP before coming in for a training. 




iCREATE hosts workshops on technology, art, business, and media run by our student staff. Workshops are held biweekly during campus lifetime and are open to the entire Stony Brook community.



Summer Camp

From the very beginning we handpicked our faculty from among the brightest minds in their fields. Nothing has changed. But we must find new ways to stay competitive in hiring and supporting exceptional teachers and scholars.