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Intellectual Property Rights

iCREATE has worked with the Office of Technology Transfer at Stony Brook and SUNY to give guidance for students who would like to create items at the Innovation Lab.  The information below is the statement that is associated with iCREATE.

One of the goals of Stony Brook University, is to have a central campus location where students can bring their ideas, in order to nurture and develop them in a collaborative fashion.  Stony Brook University recognizes the value of invention and entrepreneurship in the educational experience and is proud to empower its students to pursue entrepreneurial activities.  If the conception and reduction to practice of student IP is done in the Innovation Lab, the university will waive any ownership interest in such IP provided that the invention was not made with support from an external entity or as part of a collaborative program facilitated by the university.  Stony Brook University does recognize that the process of disseminating or commercializing an invention is complex.  In all circumstances, students are encouraged to avail themselves of the university’s services and seek the assistance of a university technology transfer office.

APPROVED Exceptions to Patent Policy.