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What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a visual representation of marketable skills that can be displayed on LinkedIn, resumes, blogs, websites, etc. These badges help students connect these accomplishments to the job market by allowing employers to recognize skills obtained by  the student.

What are the benefits?

  • Badges give your resume and social media a uniqueness
  • You can prove to employers that you have verifiable skills/competencies
  • Badges can be used as talking points during an interview
  • You can give specific examples of your skills and experiences based on the badges that you have earned
  • Employers will be to see how your skills fit into their organization or team
  • Employers look for skill sets, and badges showcase skills in a verifiable way
  • Badges connect informal and formal learning in and out of college

How do I earn a digital badge?

Stony Brook uses the badging platform called Credly.

Badges can be earned by visiting the iCREATE spaces, learning the skills available in each space, and having certified staff verify that you have completed the skill. Once a skill is completed, the staff member who verified you will have you fill out a Google form. This form is sent to the iCREATE Certification Team, who will then send you an email containing the badge.

Displaying a digital badge:

Badges can be displayed on a student’s resume, LinkedIn, Facebook, e-Portfolio, or other social media networking platforms.

List of Badges: 

3D Print Self-Service Badge

This badge can be earned in the Innovation Lab


This badge is given to Stony Brook innovators who have been certified for the 3D self-service machines. To receive this badge, students need to have attended a 3D self-service training workshop and demonstrated competency when using the 3D self-service machines. This competency includes setting up the printer and creating an original 3D print design.

Check back later for more badges!
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