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Internship Opportunities

The Center for India Studies Internship program is designed for undergraduate students to get a hands-on or first hand feel for Indian issues in their larger community or in institutions devoted to Indian studies This serves as a reality complement-a practicum-to classroom learning about India, its cultures, its peoples. Students register for (3-6 credits) and must discuss their proposed internship beforehand with the Director (e-mail: for permission and/or suggestions.  The Internship should actively combine work, service or assistantship with learning. The intern writes a brief (6-8 pages) report on their experience, which is used for evaluation and grading at the end of the semester.

Federal Work-Study Opportunities

The Center for India Studies has opportunities available for Undergraduate students with Federal Work Study Grants. We hire students to perform a variety of duties associated with Indian events and campus/community outreach. Some of these duties range from helping organize events, art shows, lectures, etc., to computer related work and various other office requirements of the department. Hours are flexible and the atmosphere is pleasant. If you would like to join the Center want more information on available positions, please contact our office at (631) 632-9742 or email us ( You are welcome to stop by our offices (Meville Library - Room E5350) or visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services  (180 Administration Building) for additional information.