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Is there a TOEFL requirement for admission to the IEC?

A. No.

Can I be a full-time undergraduate and take the IEC?

A. No. The IEC is a full-time program for students who need to improve their English proficiency in order to gain admission to SBU as undergraduates.

Is it mandatory to live on campus?

A. Yes. The University requires all IEC students to live on-campus. Not only is this the safest and most convenient option, but it also allows for language immersion and involvement with the campus community.

NOTE: We understand that some students have personal circumstances which may warrant an exception. To apply for an exception, please email to explain your situation to the IEC Director who will determine whether or not a waiver is warranted.

How much is the IEC?

Please see the Fees page on the IEC website.

What is the IEC refund policy?

A. The $60 online processing fee is non-refundable at any time.

IEC Cancellation BEFORE Arrival - The $200 IEC Program fee deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. If an applicant has to defer attendance for any reason, the $200 deposit can be rolled over to the next consecutive semester. Please note that applicants can only roll-over the deposit once. The deposit is forfeited thereafter. If an applicant would like to try again, a new application and new deposits will have to be submitted.

IEC Cancellation AFTER Arrival - Once a student has participated in orientation and taken placement exams he/she is responsible for payment of IEC program fee balance and University fees.

Housing Deposit Refund - A $200 housing deposit is required to reserve a housing assignment on campus. If a student cannot attend the IEC, a cancellation fee of $100 per each request will be assessed.Deadlines: The last day for applicants to cancel housing and receive a partial refund of the housing deposit is August 15 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester.Applications for a partial refund of the housing deposit must be made in writing.

Fax the request to (631) 632-9211 or mail to:

Office of Campus Residences
Mendelsohn Quad
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4444

Does the IEC pay commission to agencies?

A.  No.  The IEC does not pay commission to agencies for sending students to our program.


How do I apply?

Please go to the Apply Now link to access the IEC online application and follow the directions.

Does the IEC give I-20s?

Yes. Please see the Apply Now link at the IEC website for detailed information.

When can I get my I-20?

 Once the deposits are paid, it will take about 10 days to process and mail out an I-20.

How do I pay my deposit?

A.  Deposits can be paid through the SOLAR System using a credit card or electronic check.

What is SOLAR?

A.  The SOLAR System is the University's self-service system, which gives students online access to manage personal information. IEC students use SOLAR to view and pay bills and deposits, update personal information, etc. Once you get accepted, the IEC will send you your Stony Brook ID# and password information to log in.

I have an international block in SOLAR. Why?

A.  All IEC students will have a block (service indicator) while studying at the IEC. It is supposed to ensure IEC students are taking the classes they are approved for and it does not affect anything else.  It will be removed when you leave IEC.


How many levels does the IEC have?

A. The IEC has 4 levels from beginner to advanced (IEC 101, IEC 102, IEC 103, IEC 104).

What will my level be?

A.  All students will take placement exams in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

When/how do I register for my IEC class?

A.  IEC students DO NOT register for classes on their own. The IEC Office will register you once you take the placement exams and your level is determined.

Do I have to buy textbooks?

A.  All students are required to buy textbooks for all classes. The University Bookstore located in the same building as the IEC Office in the Melville Library.


When is orientation? Is it mandatory?

A. IEC orientation is mandatory. Information on date and time will be in your acceptance letter once your application is processed.

How long can I study in the IEC?

Usually students take one level per 15-week semester. Students who want to matriculate to SBU must pass the advanced level (IEC 104) with a B or better. Students at lower levels who pass the TOEFL while attending the IEC will be admitted as undergraduates once they finish their current IEC level.

Can I take an undergraduate credit course while at the IEC?

Only students placing in the advanced IEC level can take one 3-credit course while at the IEC. You must get permission from the IEC Director and take a course that does not interfere with your full-time IEC schedule. The class must be a 100-level course designed to help you with your English. Math and science courses are not acceptable.


How do I get conditional admission?

A.  First, you should apply to Undergraduate Admissions (UGA) directly and you must meet all academic and financial criteria for admission.  Students who do not meet the English proficiency requirement may be offered conditional admission if they attend the Intensive English Center. Students with scores of 70-79 iBT score or 5.5 IELTS score should apply for the 15-week fall or 15-week spring semester. Students with scores of 78 or 79 iBT score (no IELTS equivalent) can apply for the 6-week summer session. Stony Brook does not offer conditional admission to students with NO TOEFL or IELTS score.  Students who successfully complete the advanced IEC level with a grade B or better, will be cleared for undergraduate matriculation.  

How can I enter the University when I finish IEC?

A.  By completing the advanced level of IEC with a B or better for undergraduate admission or an A- for graduate admission (NOTE: Students are advised to check with particular graduate programs if they can submit an IEC recommendation in leiu of a TOEFL score.)

While attending the IEC, students are given the opportunity to attend a general information meeting arranged with the Admissions Office to explain the undergraduate application process. In this meeting, any student who would like to apply to the University after the IEC will learn what requirements and documents are needed for undergraduate acceptance.


Where do I get the health forms?

A.  Health forms can be found on the IEC website or directly downloaded from the Student Health Center website at The required forms are the Immunization Form, Meningitis Form and Health Form. All forms should be completed in your home country and submitted BEFORE you arrive for orientation. If you are under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must sign the forms.


Where should I send the health forms?

A.  Please remember to keep a copy of your forms for your records and put your Stony Brook ID on all forms before sending. Forms can be sent using one of the following addresses:

Mail:  Director, Student Health Services, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3191

Fax:    (631) 632-6936  


Can I bring the health forms to orientation?

A. The Student Health Center prefers that the forms be sent at least 2 weeks prior to your orientation date. This way if anything is missing, it can be taken care of while you are still in your home country with your own doctor and still have access to all of your health records. If you bring them with you, because of privacy laws, we will not be able to send them for you and you will need to bring them to the Infirmary yourself once you arrive.

Is Stony Brook University’s health insurance mandatory?

A.  The State of New York requires all students who are not US citizens or permanent US residents to be enrolled in and billed for the International Student Health Insurance Plan and evacuation and repatriation. The University will bill youthese fees each semester, and YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PAY THIS BILL. Do not purchase traveler’s insurance in your home country – the University will not accept it.


Is it mandatory to live on campus?

A.  Yes. The University requires all IEC students to live on-campus in the dormitory. We understand that some students have personal circumstances which may warrant an exception to this requirement. To apply for an exception, please to explain your situation.


Which dorm will I live in?

A.  All conditional students will be assigned a room in the undergraduate colleges. All other students will be assigned rooms wherever there is space. Please check out the Campus Residences website for more information.

Can I pick my dormitory or roommate?

A.  New students are assigned to rooms based on availability. Continuing students can participate in room selection and can request a particular roommate. The Office of Campus Residences is responsible for the assignments and they make every effort to assign roommates who speak a different native language in the double rooms. Please check out the Campus Residences website for more information.

Can I cook in my dorm room?

A.  Some of the dormitories have cooking facilities, some do not. Those with kitchens can be used by students to cook, but pots, pans, and other kitchen accessories are not provided. Please check out the Campus Residences website for more information.

Do I need to buy a meal plan?

A.  If you are assigned a room in a non-cooking dormitory, the meal plan is mandatory and it is automatically charged to your student account. You have the option to change the amount of the meal plan in the beginning of the semester. You can also buy a meal plan even if you live in a dorm that does not require it, such as the West Apartments. Please go to the Campus Dining website for more information.

Can I get internet in my room?

A.  Every residence hall has a wireless network available for student use. The wireless network is available from every student room. Each student has to register their device(s) to access either the wireless or wired networks.



Does the IEC plan social events for students?

A.  Each semester, the IEC plans social events and field trips for students. We usually plan trips to New York City and Montauk Lighthouse as well as other points of interest on Long Island. Parties and other social events are planned throughout each semester around American holidays, such as Halloween. IEC students have access to a large number of clubs and organizations available to all Stony Brook students. Please check out the Clubs and Recreations link from the SBU website.

What is Wolfie Wallet?

A. Wolfie Wallet is a pre-paid declining balance account that you can use with your ID card. It is a safe and convenient way for students to make food purchases on and off campus, pay for laundry machines, buy things from vending machines and retail locations on campus. Check out the Wolfie Wallet page on the university website for more information about discounts and locations.

Can I get a job while at the IEC?

A. No. IEC students have non-matriculated status and are not authorized to work on or off campus.


Can I get a social security number while at the IEC?

A. Students are not eligible for a social security number unless they have written proof of a job offer. Since IEC students are not authorized to work, you are not eligible for a social security number.

Can I get a driver’s license?
 A.  Please go to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) website for more information.
Will I meet American students?

A.  Living on campus is the best opportunity for students to make friends with other students from the United States and other countries.  IEC students can practice conversation skills by meeting with American students every afternoon after class at the IEC office.  The conversation partners are SBU undergraduates who provide help with speaking, listening, and learning about American culture. There is also a large number of clubs and organizations available to all Stony Brook students. Please check out the Clubs and Recreations link from the SBU website. 

How can I transfer to another school?
 A.  Students on an F-1 visas who decide to transfer to another school need to contact the intended school and ask for a “Transfer Report.” This form is completed by the IEC and sent to the international office at your new school. Students are also required to complete a "Transfer Out" form to give permission for us to release your SEVIS record to your new school. You will only be released in SEVIS when an acceptance letter from the new school is submitted. We can only release your record to one school, so you must be sure.  Check out our Transfer Out page for more information.
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