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Financial Support and Benefits

In addition to the numerous and varied research opportunities available to IDPAS students, there are many sources of financial support, fellowships and prizes for which IDPAS students compete. The IDPAS supports 20 students on state teaching assistantships (TA lines). These are awarded on a competitive basis, and the annual base stipend in the academic year is $20,000 (effective Fall 2020). These awards (and others noted below) come with a tuition scholarship. Teaching responsibilities vary and include assisting in IDPAS, Anthropology, and Anatomical Sciences courses, and in the various museums, libraries, and laboratories in the Program. Continued appointment as a teaching assistant requires satisfactory performance of the assigned TA duties. Research Assistantships are available with support comparable to a TA line.

The IDPAS provides each student with $500 in seed money to enable them to develop dissertation research projects. Travel funds are also provided to support travel to academic meetings. In addition, the University offers awards such as Graduate Council Fellowships for outstanding new (incoming) students (held in the recent past by numerous IDPAS students), the W. Burkhardt Turner Fellowship for minority students, the Herbert and Mildred Weisinger Fellowship for advanced graduates working on their dissertations, the Norman Creel Prize for Anatomical Research, and others.

IDPAS students currently hold National Science Foundation predoctoral fellowships, Graduate Council Fellowships, and W. Burkhardt Turner Fellowships. Our students have had success in obtaining National Science Foundation dissertation improvement awards, L.S.B. Leakey Research awards, Sigma Xi awards, and Wenner-Gren awards.

For more information:

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, phone (631) 632-6840.