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SUNYSB Laser Lab Tour

A new instrument for time-resolved XUV photoemission spectroscopy is available for tour in the Allison lab on the Stony Brook campus. Using a high-power fiber laser frequency comb and a high-finesse resonator, femtosecond XUV pulses are produced at 78 MHz repetition rate. This cavity-enhanced harmonic generation scheme can produce coherent XUV light with nearly the flux and duty cycle of a synchrotron, but with femtosecond (and potentially attosecond) pulse duration. A single high-order harmonic between 20 and 60 eV is selected with a time-preserving monochromator and focused at the center of a UHV surface science chamber where TRPES experiments can be performed with 100 fs resolution.
Logistical Details: The Allison Lab is in the basement of the chemistry building in room 016, about 3 minutes walk from the Wang center.
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