Major Research Projects of ICB&DD

The ICB&DD integrates the existing strengths at Stony Brook in the medical and molecular sciences, and brings in complementary expertise from outside to explore drug discovery and development.

Currently, ICB&DD is focusing on drug discovery in:

 In order to promote drug discovery in these areas, ICB&DD has implemented the state-of-the-art Discovery Chemistry Laboratory and the Bioanalytical Instrumentation Laboratory, which serve for the members of the Institute.

 ICB&DD’s Three Research Programs:

 (i) Structural and Computational Biology Program 

    (Dr. Daniel P. Raleigh, Dr. Robert Rizzo, Directors)

            The aim of this program is to bolster consolidated efforts for the promotion of basic chemical biology research. At the same time, this program will play a crucial role in the drug discovery research at ICB&DD. Close collaboration will be established with the newly foundedLauferCenterfor Computational Biology and Genome Sciences. BNL is already on board. CSHL may join as well.

 (ii) Infectious Diseases Research Program

    (Dr. Peter J. Tonge, Director)

            The main goal of this program is the promotion of collaborative research atStonyBrookUniversityas well as research consortiums with other institutions, including BNL andColoradoStateUniversity. Through this program ICB&DD has been successful to acquire major grants on TB research as well as biodefense research.

 (iii) Cancer Research Program

    (Dr. Kenneth Shroyer, Director)

            The main goal of this program is the promotion of collaborative research between cancer geneticists, cancer biologists, medicinal chemists, imaging scientists, and medical/ clinical oncologists atStonyBrookUniversityand BNL. This program will closely cooperate with the Cancer Center at Stony Brook University to promote the translational experimental therapeutics development. CSHL may join as well.

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