ICB&DD Organization

ICB&DD is organized in conjunction with the Chemistry Department and the core laboratories, facilities, and offices are located in the Chemistry Building. However, its operation and management are independent of the Chemistry Department. It is essential for this "Center of Excellence" that the Director of ICB&DD directly reports to the University Executive Committee, i.e., Provost, Vice President for Research, and Vice President for the Health Sciences Center. Dr. Ojima, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, serves as the founding Director of the institute. ICB&DD has core Members, Project Members, Steering Committee Members, and Advisory Board Members. The activities of the Director and Members will be reviewed every 5 years. In addition, there is a Laboratory Director for Bioanalytical Instrumentation (a Ph.D. chemist) as well as a Laboratory Director for Combinatorial Chemistry and Synthesis (a Ph.D. chemist) and his/her Technical Support Specialist (a B.S./M.S. chemist). Both Laboratory Directors of the ICB&DD facilities report to the Director of the Institute. ICB&DD will take the "Team Project" approach to attack major biomedical problems. Accordingly, Project Members and Advisory Board Members will be invited to participate in particular projects which may lead to a dynamic change in membership, contingent on the status of projects and necessary expertise. The current members of ICB&DD are as follows:

Director: Iwao Ojima (Distinguished Professor, Chemistry)

Advisory Board Members: Jorge Benach (SBU, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology), Arlindo Castelhano (OSI Pharmaceuticals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Astellas US), Richard Clark (SBU, Biomedical Engineering), Wendy Cornell (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Yusuf Hannun (SBU-SOM Cancer Center),  Susan Horwitz (A. Einstein Coll. Med.), John Kovach (SBU, Preventive Medicine), William Murray (former Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute), John Piwinski (former, Schering-Plough), Vern Schramm (A. Einstein Coll. Med), Robert Volkmann (former, Pfizer), William Greenlee (former, Merck Research Laboratories),  Kenneth Dill (SBU, Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology) and Andreas Grill (DepYmed Inc.).

Steering Committee Members: Peter Tonge (Chair, Chemistry), Maurizio Del Poeta, (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology), Dale Deutsch (Biochemistry and Cell Biology), Miguel Garcia-Diaz (SOM, Pharmacology), John Haley (SBU Cancer Center), Jingfang Ju (SOM, Pathology), Robert Rizzo (Applied Mathematics and Statistics), Maria Ryan (Oral Biology and Pathology), Nicole Sampson (Chemistry), Kenneth Shroyer (SOM, Pathology), Carlos Simmerling (Chemistry). 

Members:  Wadie Bahou (SOM), James Bliska (Molecular Genomics and Microbiology), Maurizio Del Poeta, (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology), Dale Deutsch (Biochemistry and Cell Biology), Miguel Garcia-Diaz (SOM, Pharmacology), Geoffrey Girnun (SOM, Pathology), John Haley (SBU Cancer Center), Francis Johnson (Pharmacological Sciences/Chemistry), Jingfang Ju (SOM, Pathology), Richard Lin (SOM, Medicine), Todd Miller (SOM, Physiology and Biophysics), Daniel Raleigh (Chemistry), Rob Rizzo (Applied Mathematics and Statistics), Basil Rigas (SOM, Preventive Medicine/ Pharmacological Sciences), Maria Ryan (Oral Biology and Pathology), Nicole Sampson (Chemistry), Kenneth Shroyer (SOM, Pathology), Carlos Simmerling (Chemistry), Subramanyam Swaminathan (BNL), Peter Tonge (Chemistry), Jin Wang (Chemistry), Vincent Yang (SOM, Medicine).

Project Members: Agnieszka Bialkowska (SOM, Medicine),  Elizabeth Boon (Chemistry),  Galina Botchkina (SOM, Surgical Oncology), Isaac Carrico (Chemistry),  Chia-Shin Lori Chan (Pharmacological Sciences), Dale Drueckhammer (Chemistry), Jarrod French (Biochemistry/ Cell Biology), Steven Glynn (Biochemistry/Cell Biology), David Green (Applied Mathematics & Statistics), Tadashi Honda (Chemistry), Hyungjin Kim (Pharmacological Sciences), Scott Laughlin (Chemistry),  Martin Kaczocha (SOM Anesthesiology), Ming-Yu Ngai (Chemistry), Kathlyn Parker (Chemistry), Jonathan Rudick (Chemistry), Jessica Seeliger, (SOM, Pharmacology), Markus Seeliger (SOM, Pharmacology),  Balaji Sitharaman (Biomedical Engineering), Dongyan Tan (SOM, Pharmacology), Stephen Walker (Oral Biology and Pathology), Wei-Xing Zong (Molecular Genetics & Microbiology).

Emeritus Members:  Wen-Tien Chen (SOM, Medicine), Roger Johnson (SOM, Physiology & Biophysics), Stanley Zucker (SOM/VA).

Off Campus Project Members:  Lee Arnold (Discover Elucidations, LLC), Ralph Bernacki (Roswell Park Cancer Institute), Angelo Gunasekera (Chembio Diagnostics), Takushi Kaneko (TB Alliance), Huilin Li (Van Andel Research Institute). 

Strategic Research Laboratories:

        Anti-inflammatory Research Laboratory 
        Tadashi Honda, Laboratory Director

        Cancer Stem Cell Research Laboratory
        Galina Botchkina, Laboratory Director

Research Programs:

Structural and Computational Biology Program
Robert Rizzo and Daniel Raleigh, Program Directors

Tuberculosis Related Research Program
Peter Tonge, Program Director

Cancer Research Program
Kenneth Shroyer, Program Director

ICB&DD Staff

Roxanne Brockner
Assitant to the Director

Bela Ruzsicska 
Director of Analytical Instrumetation Laboratory

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ICB&DD * 717 Chemistry Bldg., Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3400
Phone: 631.632.1311 * Fax: 631.632.7942  Email: roxanne.brockner@stonybrook.edu 
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