2006 News Archive

  • ICB&DD is pleased to inform you that the institute's first U01 NIH grant (Peter J. Tonge: PI) on "Chemotherapeutics Against Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis" has been funded ($3.16 M for 5 years). This is a milestone achievement for ICB&DD and the institute is very grateful to Pete for his leadership and dedication to make this happen. As the Director of the Tuberculosis Related Research Program at ICB&DD this is his first outstanding achievement in this role. Congratulations Professor Tonge!
  • Congratulations Professor Nicole Sampson! ICB&DD is pleased to announce that Professor Nicole Sampson has been awarded a Faculty Development Grant from the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR). The NYSTAR grant was awarded to Professor Sampson to support the development of molecular-based treatments and diagnostics for cancer, tuberculosis and fertility that have potential for commercialization within New York State.
  • Dr. Iwao Ojima, Distinguished Professor and Director of ICB&DD has been inducted into the ACS Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame. The "Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame" was established by the executive committee of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry, American Chemical Society in 2006. Inductees must be members of the Division who have made an overall outstanding contribution to medicinal chemistry through a combination of research, teaching and service. Congratulations Professor Ojima!
  • ICB&DD would like to welcome Dr. Elizabeth Boon and Dr. Isaac Carrico as Project Members. Dr. Boon is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry. The basis of Dr. Boon's research is understanding sensing and signal transduction in bacteria from a molecular to a community level. Dr. Carrico is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry. Dr. Carrico's research centers around the concept of chemical biology, more specifically introducing small unnatural moieties into the biopolymers of life.

  • ICB&DD and Distinguished Professor Iwao Ojima were recently featured in an article titled "Careers in Drug Discovery: Targeting the Mechanisms and Opportunities", representing the drug discovery in academia, together with the leaders in pharmaceutical industries and NIH in this week's Science. The article by Mike May may be viewed by clicking the following Science online link; http://sciencecareers.sciencemag.org/career_development/previous_issues/articles/ 2006_07_28/careers_in_drug_discovery_targeting_the_mechanisms_and_opportunities
  • Dr. Galina BotchkinaWe are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Galina Botchkina Dr. Wei-Xing Zong and Dr. Wei-Xing Zong as Project Members to ICB&DD. Dr. Galina Botchkina is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery, Surgical Oncology. Dr. Botchkina's research investigates cancer stem cells in areas such as cancer biology, target discovery, intervention and drug discovery. Dr. Wei-Xing Zong is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology. Dr. Zong's research interests include molecular regulation of apoptotic and necrotic cell death.
  • ICB&DD launches its "Structural and Computational Biology Program." Professor Daniel P. Raleigh will serve as the Director of this program.

    Professor Daniel P. Raleigh The aim of this program is to bolster consolidated efforts of the promotion of basic chemical biology research. At the same time, this program will play a crucial role in the drug discovery research at ICB&DD. Currently the program includes Stony Brook Professors Daniel Raleigh (Program Director), Carlos de la Santos, Carlos Simmerling, Rob Rizzo, Jin Wang, David Green, and Caroline Kisker. As the program grows we hope to collaborate with protein crystallographers from Brookhaven National Laboratories.

    The ICB&DD Director and Steering Committee look forward to successful initiatives for collaborative research that this new program will bring about.
  • ICB&DD introduces it's "Tuberculosis Related Research Program". Professor Peter J. Tonge serves as the Director of this program. Professor Peter J. Tonge

    The main goal of this program is the promotion of collaborative research at Stony Brook University as well as research consortiums with other institutions, including BNL. Through this program ICB&DD sees promise to acquire Program Project Grants, U01-type grants as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health grant on TB research. Currently this program includes Stony Brook Professors Peter Tonge (Program Director), Nicole Sampson, Carlos Simmerling, Caroline Kisker and Iwao Ojima as well as Professor Richard Slayden from Colorado State University and researchers from other universities.

    The ICB&DD Director and Steering Committee are looking forward to the rewarding development of this new program.
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