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  • SUNY Research Awarded Patent 6,835,746 - New generation congeners of the anti-cancer drug taxol.
    Inventor: Dr. Iwao Ojima, distinguished professor and director, Institute of Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery and Department of Chemistry, Stony Brook University.
    Issued: Dec. 28, 2004
    Description: The anti-cancer drug taxol, derived from the Pacific Yew tree, has helped many people, but it has one weakness: to be effective taxol must stay in the cell it is attacking. Some cancer cells, such as pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, and other gastrointestinal cancers, are inherently drug resistant. They have "efflux pumps" that push the taxol out of the cell, deteriorating the drug's effectiveness. The new generation congeners of taxol are orally active and have a built-in mechanism that moderates the cells' efflux pumps, so the drug can stay in the cancer cell and kill it. This may open the door for fighting cancer by taking pills or capsules instead of infusion or injection.

ICB&DD Celebrates

mcgrath-ojima-bahousampson-sonstaros-harris-ojima vanb-habicht

group shotOn Saturday, October 9, 2004 Professor Iwao Ojima and Mrs. Yoko Ojima hosted a splendid event to celebrate the launch of ICB&DD. The October weather provided the perfect atmosphere for the mid-morning gathering. The day began with mimosas and coffee followed by a buffet-style brunch which provided a wide array of cuisine that was enjoyed by all.

buffetICB&DD members and staff were welcomed by Dr. Iwao Ojima and the Stony Brook University administrative faculty including Dr. Robert McGrath (Provost), Dr. James Staros (Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences), and Dr. Gail Habicht (Vice president for Research). The event allowed new members and staff to meet with each other in an informal setting to discuss upcoming projects and ideas to expand the ICB&DD research goals. Family members were also given an opportunity to meet with their loved-ones co-workers during this wonderful event.

shotIt was an enjoyable afternoon for everyone who attended. We would like to welcome all of the ICB&DD members as we hope for an outstanding and productive year to come. Our sincere thanks to Elegant Eating Catering of Smithtown, NY and Mary Lou of Media Services Photography for their hard work and quality service.

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