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Innovation Consultancy

The Innovation Consultancy is a 30 year outgrowth of successful MBA projects focused on Long Island Business. The Innovation Consultancy focuses on larger management issues: challenges that are less clear and require a wider range of resources. We create a team of University experts to assess and solve your problems-experts in business, technology, science and social methodologies—it is this unique ability that will provide a competitive and innovative edge for your company.


How We Work With You

          • Understanding Your Needs: We meet to identify the basis of concern — essential is an understanding of the company’s challenges.
          • Creation of a Profile: A profile is created by team experts, identifying the Issues that are impeding progress; a detailed description of the work that will lead to a solution is provided, including the fees to complete the project.
          • Constant Communication: A senior consultant is the liaison during the course of this work, bringing the required expertise, which may be multi-faceted, to bear on the project. Experts may range across the entire spectrum of the University as dictated by needs of your company.
          • Confidentiality: All information, including final results, will remain confidential unless released by client participants.