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Certification - Tech Originator Pracicum


The Tech Originator Practicum (TOP) aims to inspire and prepare STEAM graduate students and postdocs for creating technology ventures and pursuing corporate entrepreneurship. It covers the foundational steps necessary for technology originators to commercialize their inventions based on proven processes used by successful entrepreneurs by addressing these fundamental questions: Does a business idea have the potential to become a successful business?  How to discover potential customers’ needs and desires? How to start a new venture with limited resources? How to craft a successful business pitch? The ultimate outcomes for this workshop are to increase the awareness, excitement, and confidence of participants about pursuing careers as technology entrepreneurs.

This program requires the commitment for a two-day kickoff event and three monthly meetings during the Winter and Spring semesters. The incoming two-day kickoff event will take place between 9:30am-2:30pm on 1/18/2023 and 1/19/2023. It is jointly offered by the GENESIS Center and Innovation Center of Stony Brook University. The workshop is sponsored by Empire State Development's Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) programs.

Space is limited (20~25 spots)! Please submit your application by January 10th, 2023. TOP is a competitive program. Our target audience consists of anyone who may be interested in learning the various aspects of technology entrepreneurship. You do not need to have a business idea to participate. Applicants will be notified by January 12th, 2023. Early applications may receive their acceptance earlier than this date. If you are interested, but are unavailable on these dates (9:30am-2:30pm on 1/18/2023 and 1/19/2023), please still fill out this form and indicate your unavailability and we will notify you for the next practicum. Thank you!

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