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Visiting International Faculty Fellows Program

Visiting International Faculty Fellows Program is offered by International Academic Program & Services.

Program Overview

This program is designed to facilitate professional development and cross-cultural experiences for selected faculty from partner institutions with Stony Brook University faculty fellows. The overall goal of the program is to increase collaborative scholarly and research initiatives and facilitate the visiting faculties ability to teach courses in English at his/her home institution.


Language Enhancement
Course Development for English Medium Classes
  • Exposure to US higher education
  • Fellow-recommended workshops
  • Teaching activities & practicum
  • Guidance on academic issue
  • Academic Presentations
    • Language enrichment
  • Advanced level conversation partners
  • Developing Syllabi
  • Designing curricula in English


Visiting Faculties
  • Partner university faculty
  • Intermediate English Language
  • Proficiency  (reading, writing, & comprehension)
  • Stony Brook University Faculty


Duration of the program is 1 Semester (14 - 16 weeks).

Participant Selection

  • Participants are nominated by host institutions/departments
  • Final selection and pairing is done through coordination of SBU’s host department and the host institution department.
  • Visiting Faculties are required to have sufficient language proficiency (as required by US Department of State).
  • Visiting Faculties are required to have a minimum of a US equivalent master’s degree.
  • Visiting Faculties will be required to obtain J1 visas with support from SBU host department(s) and SBU’s Visa and Immigration Services.


$7,000 program fee. Program fee supports special events and activities hosted for the visiting faculties, as well as compensates SBU host faculty and departments providing relevant services. (*subject to change. Living expenses not included)

Program Coordination

SBU’s Visa and Immigration Services and the partner institution’s relevant office will work together to coordinate the program.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Meghan Behan, Director of Visa and Immigrations Services (

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