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Understanding Chinese International Students and Helping Them Succeed

Chinese Journey

Student Migrations, Family Dreams, and What Happens Next
Karin Fischer
Karin Fischer

Senior Reporter, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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CHINESE Students on us american campuses

Challenges and Opportunities in Intercultural Communication
  Darla Deardorff
Dr. Darla K. Deardorff

Executive Director Association of International Education Administrators, Duke University

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Students of chinese background

Characteristics and Possibilities for Greater Success
  Agnes He
Dr. Agnes He

Chair, Dept. of Asian & Asian American Studies
Director, Center for Multilingual & Intercultural Communication Stony Brook University

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Why are chinese students so quiet?

Interpreting Chinese Silence in American Classrooms
  Jun Liu
Dr. Jun Liu

Vice Provost, Global Affairs
Dean, International Academic Programs
Professor, Dept. of Linguistics Stony Brook University

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Experience of Chinese students at Rutgers University

Understanding Challenges and Creating Effective Academic Support
  Jeff Wang
Dr. Jeff Wang

Director, Rutgers China Office
Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs Rutgers University

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Reflective encounters

Beyond the profile of Chinese Graduate Students
  Shyam Sharma
Dr. Shyam Sharma

Assistant Professor, Program in Writing & Rhetoric Stony Brook University

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