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High Performance Computing Consortium

HPC NY LogoThe New York State High Performance Computing Consortium ( HPC 2 ) is a three-year NYSTAR funded program that brings together computing expertise from the IACS at Stony Brook University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the Center for Computational Research at SUNY Buffalo, the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Marist College. The mission of the consortium is to engage New York State companies on the use of advanced computing and data analytics for improving productivity, developing new products, and fostering innovation to provide them with a competitive advantage in growing their businesses. A core HPC 2 team has been established at Stony Brook University including the PI Dr. Robert Harrison, the Program Director Dr. Jason Trelewicz, and five additional faculty members in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The high-performance computational resources and data capabilities of IACS and Brookhaven National Laboratory are being leveraged by the team to address problem-solving and design needs communicated by their industrial partners. The projects summarized below were selected to provide a diversified computing portfolio for the HPC 2 program that incorporate a range of coding and simulation techniques including code translation technologies, molecular dynamics simulations, computational fluid dynamics, and solid modeling.