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Castro  is part of the BoxLib suite of astrophysical hydrodynamics codes that collectively provide the simulation capabilities to model explosive astrophysical phenomena.    Castro  specializes in supersonic flows, where radiation can be an important driver of the dynamics.  Castro  includes radiation hydrodynamics, self-gravity, thermal diffusion, nuclear reaction networks, and various equations of state and runs on massively parallel architectures.
Journal reference:
CASTRO: A New Compressible Astrophysical Solver. I. Hydrodynamics and Self-gravity Almgren, A. S., Beckner, V. E., Bell, J. B., Day, M. S., Howell, L. H., Joggerst, C. C., Lijewski, M. J., Nonaka, A., Singer, M., &   Zingale, M. 2010, ApJ, 715, p. 1221–1238

Michael Zingale, Physics and Astronomy
Maria Barrios-Sazo
Former IACS student Max Katz


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