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Yuefan Deng

Professor, Associate Director of the Stony Brook Institute of Engineering-Driven Medicine
Applied Mathematics & Statistics 
Stony Brook University, Applied Math 

Yuefan Deng is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at Stony Brook University and the associate director of the Stony Brook Institute of Engineering-Driven Medicine.  Prof.  Deng earned his BA (1983) in Physics from Nankai University and his Ph.D. (1989) in Theoretical Physics from Columbia University.

Prof. Deng’s research covers parallel computing, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo methods, and biomedical engineering. He has published more than 85 papers in these areas and supervised 25 doctoral theses. He is the architect of the Galaxy Beowulf Supercomputer at Stony Brook built in 1997 and of the NankaiStars Supercomputer which was China's fastest when it was completed in 2004. He also built a supercomputer prototype called RedNeurons in 2007 with financial support from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Shanghai’s Commission of Science and Technology. His research in the US is supported by DOE, NSF, NIH, as well as New York State. He has lectured widely in the US, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Singapore, as well as the Greater China region.

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