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Physics Postdoctoral Associate

Stony Brook Department of Physics and Astronomy is looking for a postdoc to work on further developing the Castro hydrodynamics code with high-order methods and applications to astrophysics.

Required Qualifications: (as evidenced by an attached resume)
PhD (or foreign equivalent) in Astronomy/Astrophysics, Physics, Applied Math or a related field. Experience running and developing grid-based hydrodynamics codes. Experience with Fortran or C++ programming.

Preferred Qualifications:    
Experience with adaptive mesh refinement, implementing high-order integration methods for hydrodynamics and GPU Programming.

Brief Description of Duties:  
The postdoc will work with Profs. Michael Zingale and Alan Calder and will be expected to work on developing high-order methods for coupling hydrodynamics, reactions, and other physics in the open source Castro hydrodynamics code (  This work will build on the current fourth-order accurate spectral deferred correction methods in Castro and extend them to work with adaptive mesh refinement.  The postdoc will collaborate with researchers at LBNL on this work.  The postdoc will be encouraged to use these methods for scientific research in the field of stellar and nuclear astrophysics.

* Further develop SDC methods in Castro by including more Physics, new reactions networks, and new solution strategies, porting to GPUs.

* Extend SDC to AMR by taking lead to extending it to multiple levels.

* Perform science with Castro SDC using the new algorithm for scientific simulations.

* Work with other SBU Nuclear Astro Group faculty to support code infrastructure, including bug fixing, testing and interactions with users.

* Present finding and results at scientific meetings.