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 Advanced Graduate Certificate in Data and Computational Science (and Engineering)

The Institute for Advanced Computational Science houses an Advanced Graduate   Certificate in Data and Computational Science, available to both PhD and MS/MA students in the following departments: Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geosciences, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Linguistics, Sociology, SOMAS, Tech & Society, Physics and Astronomy, Neurobiology and Behavior, Pharmacology, and Psychology. Below are some of the certificate details. Only matriculated SBU graduate students in these departments are eligible to participate in the certificate program.

  •    17 credits, courses can be double counted toward the certificate and the student's major
  • Three   core  courses: (1) JRN 501: Foundations of Science Communication I (formerly Distilling Your Message) (2); JRN 503: Foundations of Science Communication II (formerly  Improvisation for Scientists) (3); AMS 561 Introduction to Computational and Data Science ( Spring - Students are strongly encouraged to take AMS 561 in their first year of study)
  •      Students are expected to take at least 3 credits in AMS and 3 credits in CS from the course catalog (CDCS course catalog).

               ----- CS students: at least 3 credits in AMS (not crosslisted with CS) and 3 credits in a non-CS        crosslisted course in any department

               ----- AMS students: at least 3 credits in CS (not crosslisted with AMS) and 3 credits in a non-AMS crosslisted course in any department
  •      Up to 6 credits of courses that are listed in the course catalog from the student's home department can count toward the certificate


What are the first steps?

Students from participating departments should:

Check with their advisors that enrolling is permitted

Fill out a   Permission to Enroll in a Secondary Certificate form  and get appropriate signatures from Research Advisor and Departmental GPD

Forward the completed form to IACS Educational Program Manager/GPC, Dr. Jennifer McCauley ( who will affix the certificate GPD's signature and return to student.

Student to submit paperwork to the Graduate School at, copying .

Request an appointment with Jennifer McCauley if assistance is needed with course planning.

Student to meet with their Graduate Program Director to review their schedule.


Additional Notes

 The Permission to Enroll form must be submitted to the Graduate School at least one (1) day prior to the start of the upcoming semester. Any forms submitted once the current semester has begun will be effective as of the following semester. For example, if you submit your form at least one day prior to the start of the fall semester, you will be actively enrolled as of the fall. If you submit it once the fall semester has begun, you will be registered active as of the following spring semester.  

Up to 6 credits already taken can count toward the certificate

For PhD students, some courses may be taken after you advance to candidacy, but you must reduce research credits to stay at 9 overall

For PhD students, there should be no additional tuition costs incurred from any additional coursework

For more information or questions, contact IACS Educational Program Manager/GPC, Dr. Jennifer McCauley