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IACS Affiliate, Il Memming Park, Wins $200K Stony Brook Discovery Prize

2019 Discovery Prize winner Il Memming Park, PhD, presents his proposal.

The Discovery Prize is used to advance pioneering scientific breakthroughs at a time when the primary source of support for basic research (i.e., the federal government) is dwindling. It is also a means to support the career of a rising star on the Stony Brook faculty, such as IACS Affilliate, Il Memming Park

Park’s research, titled “Personalized Landscape of Unconsciousness,” aims to understand the brain at a higher level, and to use technologies and computational models to better understand and define the machine learning aspects of the brain during unconscious states. Park said he hopes to take his research to higher levels, including animals models, a key step in understanding the landscape of unconsciousness.

See here for the original article from Stony Brook University News.


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