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IACS Student, Aniello De Santo, Selected as a Recipient of the 2019/2020 Graduate Fellowship & Faculty Research Program

IACS graduate student Aniello De Santo , a PhD candidate from Linguistics, is one of the 2019/2020 recipients of the Graduate Fellowship & Faculty Research Program. The selection process was highly competitive, and winners were chosen from a very strong group of students and faculty. These awards represent the winners' significant achievements and contributions to academic excellence at Stony Brook.

Receiving this award was definitely an unexpected honor. It feels particularly rewarding that the committee seems to appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of my research (bridging linguistics, computer science, and cognitive science),” said De Santo. “I obviously have to thank Lori Repetti, John Bailyn, Marie Huffman, and Thomas Graf for nominating me for the award and for their incredible support in preparing the application.” De Santo explains the most exciting part of this award is being the main instructor of two courses in the Linguistics Department. “Hopefully I'll be able to show students how exciting and full of opportunities computational linguistics can be.”

The Graduate Fellowship and Faculty Research Program provides one year of funding, at $20,000 each, to six doctoral students from the Arts, Humanities, and the Social Sciences who have advanced to candidacy. The winning students teach two courses during the academic year, creating release time for junior faculty members to focus on research and program development. For more information on the award, please see .