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Orlov Receives National Award for Sustainability Education

Orlov with caption

Reprinted with permission from Stony Brook News

Alex Orlov
, PhD, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering in the  College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Affiliate faculty of IACS and a faculty member of the  Consortium for Inter-Disciplinary Environmental Research and the  Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University, will receive the  American Institute of Chemical Engineering’s (AIChE) Sustainable Engineering Forum Education Award.

The annual award, which comes with a $1,000 cash prize, is given to one national educator each year who has made outstanding contributions to sustainability education. Professor Orlov will receive the award at the AIChE’s annual meeting, to be held October 28 to November 2.

He is being recognized for his educational innovation at Stony Brook University, namely new approaches to teaching sustainability practices to undergraduate and graduate student engineering students. These include courses pioneering engineering design, life cycle analysis of materials, 3D printing of environmentally friendly consumer products and computer games that illustrate ecological impacts of packaging materials.

AIChE is a professional society of more than 53,000 chemical engineers in 110 countries.



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