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Faculty in the Arts, Humanities and lettered Social Sciences

Welcome to the FAHSS (Faculty in the Arts, Humanities and lettered Social Sciences) Website. FAHSS is a Research and Interdisciplinary Initiatives Fund supported by the Offices of the Provost, Vice President for Research, and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Stony Brook University. We are extremely grateful for their support, encouragement and commitment to FAHSS.

The purpose of FAHSS is to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue, research, and teaching in the Fine Arts, Humanities, and lettered Social Sciences at Stony Brook University. You will find information here about requirements for the FAHSS Individual Grant and Interdisciplinary Initiatives Fund, FAHSS Application, Committee members, recent FAHSS award recipients, along with a few examples of past award proposals.

The Deadline for Fall 2023 proposals for FAHSS Research Funds is: December 3, 2023. Proposals are submitted through the FAHSS webpages – see Application. Please refer to updated Guidelines and recently added Guidance for additional assistance with considering and/or preparing your applications.