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Queer/Feminist/Transgender* Reading Group

The Q/F/T* reading group is a part of the Humanities Institute’s 2014-2015 study of Queer/Feminist/Transgender* topics. The reading group is reading and discussing interdisciplinary texts that address/question notions of gender identity, sexuality, trans-identity, femininity, and masculinity. In November the group has decided to focus their discussion around Jack Halberstam’s Female Masculinity and Julia Serano’s Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive. The group meets one to two times a month on Fridays in the Humanities faculty room (2029). Since there is no set schedule, please email Andrew Rimby ( to be added to the Q/F/T* reading group list to stay up-to-date with the reading schedule.

Go Green Information Fair - From Sound to Shore

Clean beaches, no littering, awareness of relationships between land use and water health both in plant and animal life. Join the fun with projects sponsored by our library, the Port Jefferson school district and LISEC and the maritime explorium, the Seatuck Environmental Assn. and the Long Island Native Plant Initiative. See the free treasures for you to bring to share or take home from our now famous “green elephant” table. Art and music en­tertainment performed by our own Port Jefferson children.

HISB In The News

Exploring the Humanities Through Films and Lectures at HISB - Stony Brook Happenings

How has digital technology impacted the Humanities? Why is Kate Bornstein a “Pleasant Danger?” Is Edward Snowden a traitor or patriot? These questions and many more will be addressed during the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook’s 2014 fall season.


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