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Pérez will write a material history of memory in the diaspora. She is interested in highlighting not only the voice of an ethnos, of a community, its memory, its multiple histories, but she is also interested in tracing maps of their many paths through the city, their itineraries through Los Angeles.

To download a PDF of the poster, click here.

  Yansi Pérez                                       

Yansi Pérez is an Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at Carleton College.  Her research and teaching interests are in the field of modern and contemporary Latin American cultural studies, literature, and film. The problems that she addresses include the relationship between literature, ethics and politics, the problematic relationship between the artistic and political avant-gardes, and the centrality of the concept of mourning in relation to memory and historical trauma.  Her book Más allá del duelo: Otras formas de imaginar, sentir y pensar la memoria en Centroamérica  was published in 2019.