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  Faculty Spotlight Lunchtime Lectures Fall 2019 banner

Lunchtime lectures featuring the English Department faculty members Timothy K. August, Simone Brioni, Justin Johnston and Francesca Spedalieri who will present their current research.

A light lunch will be provided.


Timothy K. August, Assistant Professor

“The Role of Refugee Aesthetics”

As “the refugee” is conventionally considered a powerless figure, eagerly cast aside by both migrant and host communities, this talk investigates how and why a number of Southeast Asian American artists have recently embraced the figure of the refugee as a transformative position.


Simone Brioni, Assistant Professor   

“Collaboration as a Decolonial Practice”

If ‘minority’ literature invites us to reconsider the conceptual boundaries of nation-states and rearranges prevailing ideas about ‘others’, it might be instructive for literary criticism to follow its lead and find new ways to discuss its content, contexts and the experiences of its authors. This paper argues that collaborative writing might be one of these ways.


Justin Omar Johnston, Assistant Professor

“Upsetting Realism: Autofiction and Climate Catastrophes”

In subtle, sudden, and local ways, climate change disrupts patterns of expectation. When ordinary environments (or cheap nature) fail to absorb events into a forgettable present, genre becomes indispensable for engaging this present. Turning to experimental auto-fiction, this talk will discuss some genre-strategies that characterize recent climate fiction.  


Francesca Spedalieri, Visiting Assistant Professor

“Resisting Post-Feminist Notions of Choice: Southern Italian Women on Stage in Emma Dante’s mPalermu

This talk analyzes Emma Dante’s mPalermu (2001) and contends that the play’s representation of Southern Italian women as confined to traditional gender roles and deprived of autonomy and financial means within an already historically marginalized Meridione, can be read as bodying forth resistance to post-feminist notions of choice in the early twenty-first century.


Timothy K. August Timothy K. August is an Assistant Professor of English at Stony Brook University. He recently co-edited a special issue of the Canadian Review of American Studies, titled, Vietnam, War, and the Global Imagination. And he has a book manuscript, The Refugee Aesthetic: Relocating Southeast Asian America, in production with Temple University Press.
Simone Brioni Simone Brioni is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Stony Brook University, USA. His research focuses on migration studies and postcolonial theory.
  Justin Omar Johnston Justin Omar Johnston is an Assistant Professor in the English Department at Stony Brook University. His research is focused on contemporary literature, science and technology studies, the environmental humanities, animal studies, and the development of post-human theory. His book Posthuman Capital and Biotechnology in Contemporary Novels was recently published in Palgrave’s Studies in Literature, Science, and Medicine Series
. Francesca Spedalieri Francesca Spedalieri is a scholar, translator, and theatre director. She received her PhD in Theatre from The Ohio State University and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in English and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Stony Brook University. Her research focuses on contemporary Italian theatre and performance and queer feminism.