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List of Humanities Institute Event Videos

Fall 2016 Events

 Currently, videos are only available to those with a valid Stony Brook University email address

Sep 14             E. Ann Kaplan and Marita Sturken on "Traumatic Futures"

Sept 29           Jennifer Wenzel, “Utopian Histories and Post-Anthropocene Futures: From Thomas More to The WetLand Project”

Oct 4                 Constance Penley, "Utopia/Dystopia: The Uses of Time Travel"

Oct 20              Jack Halberstam (lecture), “Becoming Feral: Sex, Death and Falconry”

Oct 21              Jack Halberstam (seminar), “Wild Things—Queer and Feminist Theory at the End of the World”

Oct 27              Ben Carrington “Forgivable Whiteness: Race, Family and the Last of the Great White Hopes” and Brenda Elsey, “Unbearable Whiteness of Women’s Soccer”

Nov 3-4         "Romanticisms Futures" Symposium

Nov 7            The Great Debate --“Be it resolved, the present system for choosing Presidential party nominees is broken: bring back the political party bosses to choose future candidates”

Nov 10         "Untimely Bodies: Race, Temporality, Queerness" Symposium

Nov 17             Lucas Foglia, “Photographing People in Nature”

Nov 30            Racial Temporalities Series symposium: “The Past, Present and Future of Global White Supremacy”

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