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West Campus, Health Sciences, and School of Medicine



AUDIENCE: State and RF University Employees
SUBJECT(S):  SUNY Telecommuting Policy
DATE:  08/17/2021


A new pilot Telecommuting Program

As you may have heard, SUNY recently distributed a Workplace Flexibility Telecommuting Pilot Program. The program will run through December 31, 2021, unless extended by SUNY.  The policy is designed to support  telecommuting where it is reasonable to do so based on the University’s mission, operational and program needs. 

Please read this Policy carefully and discuss with your supervisor if you are considering making a request to  telecommute. This is a new program and requires completion of the State Application Form  or  Research Foundation Application Form

Here are some policy highlights:

• Proposed  telecommuting work does not require in-person student/constituent interaction, classroom presence and/or patient care or contact and the work is typically performed away from the end customer (i.e.  student or patient)

• Telecommuting is not an employee entitlement and supervisors will evaluate the following when determining whether to permit  telecommuting:  the operational needs of the department, the extent to which the work can be performed as effectively from a  telecommuting location as a campus location and whether the employee meets or exceeds all performance goals and expectations outlined in the performance program.

• If telecommuting is approved, a biweekly progress report form  is available to provide regular feedback to the supervisor.

• While telecommuting, employees must be actively working towards and fully focused on business goals and professional obligations during normally scheduled hours of work.  Employees must also be easily accessible throughout the workday, answering phones and responding to emails and other inquiries in a timely manner.

• Telecommuting may be granted for up to 5 days per pay period

• Telecommuting can be ended at any time with 30 days’ notice where feasible.

• Requests which are related to medical accommodations should not be submitted to supervisors, and instead should be submitted to the Office of Equity and Access .

Please note that requests may be submitted at any time but employees should allow for a 21 day review process. Completed applications with the required approvals should be submitted electronically to .
Please discuss any questions you may have with your supervisor or contact Human Resources at .