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West Campus, Health Sciences, and School of Medicine

Do More With Your Online Account!

NYS Payroll Online

State Employees

View your W-2
⇒View your direct deposit info
⇒Adjust your federal tax withholding
⇒View and suppress your pay stubs
⇒To change your Address or Contact Info, go to SOLAR ->Security & Personal Data


RF Self-Service

RF Employees

⇒View your W-2
⇒Enroll in direct deposit
⇒Adjust your federal tax withholding
⇒View your pay stubs
⇒ You can also change your Address and Contact Information on RF Self-Service


Account Set-Up

State Employees

⇒Use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome

Clear Your Browser Cache 

Enable Pop-ups

⇒Log into SOLAR

Employees go to→ For Employees→ Payroll&Compensation→NYS Payroll Online

Students go to→ Student Employment Service→NYS Payroll Online

⇒You will be redirected to SUNY Secure Sign On - select Stony Brook campus and Remember Campus

⇒Enter your Net ID/Password when prompted

RF Employees

⇒Go to

⇒Go to Set up your Account  

⇒Use the RF Employee# provided at the top of your pay stub to validate your account and create a password

⇒Login at the top of the home page

⇒Go to the Self Service link in the Business Application section of the internal site



NetID Help

Your NetID is used to access various computing resources.




SOLAR is used by faculty and staff to update personal information and so much more.


  • Log into SOLAR → Security & Personal Data→External Identification Number.
  • The ID will correspond with the NYS ID external system and start with an “N.”


  • Log into SOLAR →Security & Personal Data→External Identification Number.
  • The ID will correspond with the Research Foundation external system.
Enable Pop-Ups?
Make NYSPO an Exception
  • Since your paycheck will display in a separate pop-up window, you may need to enable pop-ups
  • To allow pop ups throughout NYSPO, you can also set an exception in your browser’s privacy settings by adding .osc.state.ny


Using Internet Explorer 11?

Make IE a trusted site for NYSPO!
  • While in IE, go to ⇒Tools ⇒ Internet Options ⇒ Security tab ⇒ Select Trusted Sites
  • Open the Sites button and enter
  • Choose Add ⇒ Close ⇒OK