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Application for Graduation Confirmation Message

IMPORTANT NOTICE    All student Records & Registration matters have been moved to the Office of the Registrar on west campus. Please click here for their contact information.

You are being directed to this site because of your recent Solar application for graduation.  

HSC School/program

Please consult with your HSC school/program to ensure that you will have satisfied all degree requirements by the degree date requested.

Department of Family Medicine and Nutrition Division
Program in Public Health
School of Dental Medicine
School of Health Technology and Management
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
School of Social Welfare







West Campus Major/Minor

If you are carrying an additional West Campus major/minor, please contact that program directly for confirmation of completion or drop the additional west campus major/minor via the west campus Registrar’s office prior to graduation.

Middle Name Change

If you made a change to your middle name when applying for graduation you may notice a ‘ZZ’ in front or your name.  Do not be alarmed.  The ‘ZZ’ will be removed prior to ordering the diploma. 

After applying for graduation, and prior to diploma being ordered:

Any change to your first name, last name, or a change of diploma mailing address must be requested via the Office of Student Services in the HSC to update as soon as possible: or call 631-444-2111.

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