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Alphabetically by School/Program

School of Dental Medicine
Dental Medicine, D.D.S.

Family, Population & Preventive Medicine - Nutrition
Nutrition, M.S.
Nutrition, Advanced Graduate Certificate

School of Health Technology and Management 
Athletic Training, M.S.
Applied Health Informatics, M.S.
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, B.S. (distance learning/hybrid)
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, B.S. (onsite)
Paramedic, non credit certificate
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Ph.D.
Medical Molecular Biology, M.S.
Non-credit Clinical Concentrations (for current HANBS students  only)
Occupational Therapy, M.S.
Physical Therapy - Entry Level, D.P.T.
Physician Assistant - Entry Level, M.S.
Polysomnographic Technology, M.S.*
Respiratory Care, B.S.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Speech-Language Pathology, M.S.

School of Medicine
Medicine, M.D. 

School of Nursing 
Accelerated Nursing, B.S. – 1 Year
Adult Health, B.S./M.S - DL
Adult Health, M.S. - DL
Adult Health, Post M.S. Certificate  - DL
Adult Health, Doctor of Nursing 
Basic Nursing, B.S. – 2 year
Family Health, B.S./M.S - DL
Family Health, M.S. - DL
Family Health, Post M.S. Certificate  - DL
Family, Doctor of Nursing
Midwifery, B.S./M.S - DL
Midwifery, M.S. - DL
Midwifery, Post M.S. Certificate - DL
Midwifery, Doctor of Nursing 
Neonatal, B.S./M.S - DL
Neonatal, M.S. - DL
Neonatal, Doctor of Nursing
Nursing Education, M.S. - DL
Nursing Education, Post M.S. Certificate - DL
Nursing for RN’s, B.S. – DL
Nursing Leadership, M.S. – DL
Nursing Leadership, Post M.S. Certificate – DL
Pediatric/Child Health, B.S./M.S - DL
Pediatric/Child Health, M.S. - DL
Pediatric/Child Health, Post M.S. Certificate - DL
Pediatric/Child Health, Doctor of Nursing 
Psychiatric/Mental Health, B.S./M.S - DL
Psychiatric/Mental Health, M.S. - DL
Psychiatric/Mental Health, Post M.S. Certificate  - DL
Psychiatric/Mental Health, Doctor of Nursing
Women’s Health, Doctor of Nursing

Program in Public Health
Applied Mathematics & Statistics (B.S.)/M.P.H.
Concurrent D.D.S. / M.P.H.
Earth and Space Sciences (B.A.)/M.P.H.
Health Administration M.H.A.
Health Communications, Advanced Graduate Certificate
Health Education and Promotion, Advanced Graduate Certificate
M.B.A. / M.P.H.
M.D. / M.P.H.
M.P.H. / M.A.P.P.
M.P.H. / M.S. in Nutrition
M.P.H. / M.S.W.
Pharmacology (B.S.)/M.P.H.
Public Health, M.P.H. 
Women's Studies (B.A.)/M.P.H.

School of Social Welfare
Social Work, B.S.
Social Work, M.S.W. 
Social Work - M.S.W., Advanced Standing
Social Work - M.S.W., Part  Time
Dual Degree with Touro Law Center
Social Welfare, Ph.D. S.W. 

* pending (not currently accepting applications)