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Admissions Requirements

Each Health Sciences program has different admissions requirements, which may include specific courses, minimum g.p.a. and related health care experience.  B efore you apply, you should visit the Schools for details. You can also attend the  information sessions that are held throughout the year.

It is each applicant's responsibility to be aware of their program's unique application process and requirements.  For any questions along the way, please feel free to  contact us   

School of Dental Medicine 
Dental Medicine, D.D.S. 

School of Health Technology and Management 
Athletic Training, B.S.
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, B.S. (onsite)
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, B.S. (distance learning/hybrid)
Polysomnographic Technology, B.S.
Respiratory Care, B.S.
Occupational Therapy, M.S.
Physician Assistant - Entry Level, M.S.
Physician Assistant - Post Professional, M.S.
Physician Assistant - Post Professional, M.S. DL
Applied Health Informatics, M.S.
Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, M.S.
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Ph.D.
Physical Therapy - Entry Level, D.P.T.
Health Care Management, Advanced Graduate Certificate
Health Care Management, Advanced Graduate Certificate (Distance Learning)
Patient Safety, Advanced Graduate Certificate
EMT - Paramedic, non credit certificate
Non-credit Clinical Concentrations
 * for current HANBS students only*

School of Medicine
Medicine, M.D. 

School of Nursing 
Basic Nursing, B.S.
Accelerated Nursing, B.S. - 1 year 
Nursing for RN's, B.S. - DL
Adult Health, B.S./M.S. - DL 
Pediatric/Child Health, B.S./M.S. - DL 
Midwifery, B.S./M.S. - DL 
Psychiatric/Mental Health, B.S./M.S. - DL 
Neonatal, B.S./M.S. - DL
Family Health, B.S./M.S. - DL 
Women's Health, B.S./M.S. - DL 

Adult Health, M.S. - DL 
Pediatric/Child Health, M.S. - DL 
Midwifery, M.S. -DL 
Psychiatric/Mental Health, M.S. - DL 
Neonatal, M.S.
Family Health, M.S. - DL 
Nursing Education, M.S.
Nursing Leadership, M.S. - DL 
Adult Health, Post M.S. Certificate - DL 
Pediatric/Child Health, Post M.S. Certificate - DL 
Midwifery, Post M.S. Certificate - DL 
Psychiatric/Mental Health, Post M.S. Certificate - DL 
Neonatal, Post M.S. Certificate - DL 
Family Health, Post M.S. Certificate - DL 
Nursing Education, Post M.S. Certificate - DL 
Nursing Leadership, Post M.S. Certificate - DL 
Adult Health, D.N.P.
Pediatric/Child Health, D.N.P. 
Midwifery, D.N.P. 
Psychiatric/Mental Health, D.N.P. 
Neonatal, D.N.P.  
Family, D.N.P. 
Women's Health, D.N.P.   

Family Medicine - Nutrition
Nutrition, M.S.
Nutrition, Advanced Graduate Certificate

Program in Public Health
Public Health, M.P.H.
Concurrent D.D.S./M.P.H.
Women's Studies (B.A.)/M.P.H.
Earth and Space Sciences (B.A.)/M.P.H.
Applied Mathematics & Statistics (B.A.)/M.P.H.
Pharmacology (B.S.)/M.P.H.
M.P.H./M.S. Nutrition
Health Communications, Advanced Graduate Certificate
Health Education and Promotion, Advanced Graduate Certificate

School of Social Welfare
Social Work, B.S.
Social Work, M.S.W.
Social Work - M.S.W., Advanced Standing
Social Work - M.S.W., Pathway 2
Social Work - M.S.W., Modified Full Time
Dual Degree with Touro Law Center
Social Welfare, Ph.D. S.W.