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Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

**No application documents will be returned to the applicant or sent to other institutions. We recommend that you request copies for your own records.**

Additional Supporting Documentation Personal Statement & Resume


I want to meet with an advisor for the Nursing program
I am having trouble logging into my application
How do I find out if my courses are transferable to the School of Nursing?
How do I apply to multiple programs? Do I need to complete separate applications/provide additional documents for multiple programs?
I applied last year and was not accepted. Can I apply again this year? Do I need to resubmit letters of recommendation and transcripts?
I am unable to select the term and I cannot proceed with the application.
Did you receive my transcript? (prior to submitting application).
How can I apply for an application fee waiver?

Supporting documentation - resume and personal statements

I submitted my application with the wrong version of my personal statement.
The resume I submitted with my application is no longer up to date. How can I submit a revised copy?


My transcripts files are too large, I'm not sure what to do.
I cannot find my school codes.
Where do I send my official transcripts?
Have you received my transcript?
Help, I have sent my transcript to a different address on campus/Albany! Now what?
I already submitted my application but would like to upload a more recent version of my transcript including grades for courses I just completed. How do I do this?
I attended College X and then graduated from Stony Brook. Do I still ned to submit transcripts from College X even though it should be under my records?
SOLAR lists a missing transcript from a college I never attended or only received credit from while attending high school.
SOLAR lists a missing transcript from a college I attended but the courses are irrelevant to my intended major.

Letters of Recommendation

How do I check the status of recommendations prior to submitting my application?
I need to modify a recommender.
My recommender says he/she did not receive a request to submit a letter.
The recommendations I have received are already written and are on paper can the sealed envelope be mailed to the school, instead of having an email sent to the recommenders for them to rewrite it again?
Should I wait until my recommenders complete the form in order to submit?
Please change my recommender/recommender’s email address(es).
Please resend the information to my recommender.

After Submission

SOLAR lists an incorrect date that I submitted my application
I cannot get into SOLAR
I submitted <blank> and it still does not appear on SOLAR.
How will I be notified of my admissions decision?


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