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How to apply?




Prior to applying, it is important to select the correct application for your program.  Programs listed below utilize external application centers.  If the degree program you are applying to is listed below, please click the corresponding link for further application instructions. 

School of Dental Medicine
Dental Medicine, D.D.S.

School of Health Technology & Management
Athletic Training, M.S.                            Occupational Therapy, M.S. 
Physician Assistant, M.S.                                  Physical Therapy, D.P.T.


School of Medicine
Medicine, M.D.

Program in Public Health    HealthAdministration, M.H.A.                          Public Health, M.P.H.
Advanced Graduate Certificate

*The following program(s) apply through the  Graduate School at Stony Brook University:
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Ph.D.

If you are applying to a program listed above, the remaining step does not apply to you.

If your program is not listed above, please select your school/program from the list below and continue to step 4. 



The majority of application questions are answered below in our detailed FAQs.  If a response to your question is found here, we may refer you back to this page.  Scroll down for the section that is of most interest to you!

Before applying

I want to meet with an advisor from the Nursing program
I am having trouble logging into my application
How do I find out if my courses are transferable to the School of Nursing?
How do I apply to multiple programs? Do I need to complete separate applications/provide additional documents for multiple programs?
I applied last year and was not accepted. Can I apply again this year? Do I need to resubmit letters of recommendation and transcripts?
I am unable to select the term and I cannot proceed with the application.
Did you receive my transcript? (prior to submitting application).
How can I apply for an application fee waiver?
How do I enter my prerequisites without having my transcripts?
I am an incoming transfer stdent who was enrolled in an Opportunity Program at my prior institution (EOP, HEOP, or SEEK/CD). How do I apply to the EOP program at Stony Brook University?

 Supporting documents - resume & essay(s)

I submitted my application with the wrong version of my essay.
The resume I submitted with my application is no longer up to date. How can I submit a revised copy?


Have you received my transcript?
I attended Stony Brook University; must I upload a transcript from Stony Brook?
I transferred credit to Stony Brook University. Do I still need to submit transcripts from transfer institutions even though it should be under my records?
The Applicant Portal lists a missing transcript from a college I attended but the courses are not relevant to my intended major.
I cannot find my school codes.
Where do I send my official transcripts?
I sent my transcript to a different office at Stony Brook University / Albany processing address.
I already submitted my application but just received my grade(s) for the previous term. How can I upload the latest transcript to my application?


Should I wait until my recommenders complete the form in order to submit?
Can I change my recommender/recommender’s email address(es)?
Can I resend the information to my recommender?
How do I check the status of recommendations?
My recommender says he/she did not receive a request to submit a recommendation.
The recommendations I have received are already written and are on paper. Can the sealed envelope be mailed to the school, instead of having an email sent to the recommenders for them to rewrite it again?

 after submission

How will I be notified of my admissions decision?
My question was not answered here.