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Honors college student advisory board

The Student Advisory Board consists of a select group of Honors College students that play an integral role in working with Honors College staff to plan activities and events. Student Advisory Board members submit an application and are elected by their Honors College peers. Positions include, president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and class representatives.

Below you can read our Student Advisory Board member bios!


Hugo Mainguy

Student Advisory Board President

Class of 2021

Major: Mathematics/Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Hometown: Rueil-Malmaison, Paris


My name is Hugo Mainguy and I'm excited to be president  of the Student Advisory Board this year! I'm a pure math and applied math double major (yay math?) with a minor in music theory. I play the piano (usually classical), and work as a tutor at the ASTC on campus. In my free time, I like to play or watch soccer, hang out with friends, or go to Toscanini Hall Council on Tuesday despite not living there! The Honors College helped bring me all the way from France and has legitimately had a large positive impact on  my time in Stony Brook. I hope that as President, I will be able to help with your Honors College experience!


  Anna Smith

Student Advisory Board Vice President

Class of 2020

Major: Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Hometown: Gorham, ME

Hey y’all! I’m Anna Smith, and aside from being VP for HCSAB this year, I’m a senior Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Major minoring in Environmental Humanities. I’m obsessed with mountains, love a good storm, and feel akin to Stitch, aka Experiment 626. The Honors College has helped make my years at Stony Brook that much more enjoyable, and I want to help you feel the same way. If you have anything you want to see from the HC, or want to talk about trails in the Northeast, let me know!

Vinay Bijoor (SAB Treasurer)

Vinay Bijoor

Student Advisory Board Treasurer

Class of 2022

Major: Biochemistry/Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, NY

My name is Vinay Bijoor and I'm the treasurer of the HCSAB for the 2019-2020 year! I'm a Sophomore Biochemistry/AMS double major with a Computer Science minor. I enjoy hiking, camping, and trying new foods. The Honors College has been my home within the large community that Stony Brook is, as having a small community of like-minded students within makes adjusting from a small high school much easier. This is my first year on the board, but I'm really excited to help plan some awesome activities for the Honors College.

Caleb Sooknanan (SAB Secretary)

  Caleb Sooknanan

Student Advisory Board Secretary

Class of 2020

Major: Biomedical Engineering/Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Hometown: Queens, NY


Hello everyone, my name is Caleb Sooknanan, and I am a senior  double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics & Statistics on the pre-med track in the Honors College. I am excited to be your SAB Secretary this year and see how the Honors College grows! Being a part of the HC has really helped me make connections with some of the best people I know at SBU, and I am here to make the experience even better. My interests include working out at the Campus Rec Center, listening to funky music, playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and just hanging out with my friends!


Eileen Cheng

Student Advisory Board Senior Class Representative

Class of 2020

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Clifton, NJ

I'm Eileen and I'm happy to say that I'm the class representative for the Class of 2020 for the second year in a row! I'm a Biochemistry major with a Studio  Art minor, and after graduation I hope to take a few gap years before attending medical school. I have a bubble tea addiction, and I love to draw and paint, read, or sleep in my free time. I've really come to appreciate the Honors College and Toscanini a great deal and realize how special this community and the people who make it up are. I’ll try my best to be a resource for everyone; we can talk over bubble tea.


  Jennifer Kustanovich

Student Advisory Board Junior Class Representative

Class of 2021

Major: Health Science/Business Management

Hometown: Tenafly, NJ

Hi! My name is Jenni and, as you guessed it, I’m a junior. I’m studying Health Science and Business Management, but my true passion goes out to finding happiness within myself and helping others find their joy. I’m well-versed in leadership positions and I hope to help you all share your voices within our community. I’m always open to meeting for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and would love to get to know you. I’ve had the most amazing time getting to know Honors College students, conversing about everything and anything, and creating connections that will hopefully last for years. Catch me at Campus Rec as I teach Zumba®, core, HIIT, and other classes!



  Nina Ramirez

Student Advisory Board Sophomore Class Representative

Class of 2022

Major: Sociology

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Hi Honors College! My name is Nina and I'm your Sophomore Class Representative. I'm a Sociology, Pre-Nursing major from Long Island and am super excited to start my second year on HCSAB. I'm also involved with Toscanini Hall Council and work under CulinArt at Jasmine, so I like staying busy. I'm a big extrovert so I love meeting new people and having a good conversation, whenever, wherever. Hobbies include staying up way too late in my common room, reading poetry, watching Marvel movies and bothering my friends in cooking dorms for stove access. The Honors College was super important for me my freshman year and I can't wait to carry on that sense of community for a second term. Don't hesitate to say hi!

  Adrienne Popescu (SAB Fresh)

  Adrienne Popescu

Student Advisory Board Freshman Class Representative

Class of 2023

Major: Biology

Hometown: Jericho, NY


My name is Adrienne Popescu and I'm the HCSAB freshman representative for the Class of 2023. I'm a Biology major with an intended concentration in Environmental Biology, and I plan on pursuing medicine. On campus, I'm involved with our chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) as well as the Young Investigator's Review (SBYIR).The Honors College has given me an unparalleled sense of community here within Stony Brook. We are a tightly-knit group, creating a friendly and collaborative academic environment together. And most importantly, we all recognize the importance of learning from one another. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Stony Brook, the Honors College, or college life in general - I'm always happy to help!