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Jennifer Osipoff, MD

OsipoffDr. Jennifer Osipoff graduated from Stony Brook’s Honors  College in 2000 and was the May 2016 Honors College  commencement speaker. S he completed all of her education and training to become a pediatric endocrinologist at Stony Brook. She is currently an attending physician at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. Over her years at Stony Brook, she has published several journal articles and authored multiple book chapters.  She has given back to the Stony Brook Community at large via her volunteer and mentoring efforts.  As an undergraduate, she volunteered with Child Life tending to hospitalized children and mentored underprivileged middle school students in science and math.  During medical school she served as a peer health advisor and was active in the Pediatrics club.  Currently she is most passionate about helping children with type 1 diabetes and regularly volunteers for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as well as serves as the medical director for Camp Sweeney, a local day camp for children with this illness. .