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General Information

Honors College students major in departments and programs across the campus. Current students are enrolled in majors ranging from Art History to Astronomy and Music to Mathematics. The Honors College curriculum provides a special environment for the part of the undergraduate academic career outside of the major area of study. lib

At the core of the Honors College curriculum is a series of five seminar courses taught by leading scholars in a broad range of academic disciplines. Honors College students take two of these courses in their  freshman year, and one more in each of the following three years.  Before students graduate, they will also take four elective mini-courses outside of their major area of study that can be selected from a wide range of offerings each semester. These limited registration mini- courses will allow our students to explore topics well outside the realm of their primary areas of study.

Honors College students take leading roles in the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the university, while pursuing  their choice of any of Stony Brook's 150 academic majors, minors and combined-degree programs. The culmination of a  student's efforts at Stony Brook and the capstone of the Honors College experience will be the completion of a senior  project under the guidance of a faculty member in your area of study.