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Honors College Virtual Senior Symposium 2021

Showcased here are presentations detailing each of the Senior Thesis Projects conducted by our Honors College Class of 2021.

Below, you will find hyperlinks to each of the students' presentations, hosted on VoiceThread, as well as links to their full posters (you must be logged into your Stony Brook University Google Account to view). For access problems, click here.

Note: VoiceThread presentations may be in parts - Advance slides using the arrows at the bottom of your screen to continue the presentation.

Exhibit # Student Presenter Title/Presentation Link Faculty Mentor Department Poster (PDF)
01 Stephanie Budhan Science Engagement on Long Island and Implications for the Young Investigators Writing Competition Nicole Leavey Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science Stephanie Budhan
02 Michaela Winkeler The Impact of Locomotor Behaviors on Cervical Vertebral Morphology Gabrielle Russo Anthropology Michaela Winkeler
03 Jason Huang Minimizing the Spread of a Community Contagion using the Spectral and Louvain Method Joseph Mitchell Applied Mathematics & Statistics Jason Huang
04 Spencer Lee Evaluating SEIRD and SVR models of the COVID-19 pandemic Wei Zhu Applied Mathematics & Statistics Spencer Lee
05 Chris Helenek NeedleShield: A Novel Approach on Resolving Needlestick Related Injuries in Intramuscular Injection Practices Wei Yin Biomedical Engineering Chris Helenek
06 Eric Fung Activated Carbon and Bone Char for Gravity Sand-Bag Water Filter Integration Benjamin S. Hsiao Chemistry Eric Fung
07 Piyusha Lotlikar Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Biocompatible, High Quantum Yield Europium Complexes for Optical Imaging Eszter Boros Chemistry Piyusha Lotlikar
08 Jordan Roiland Drug Discovery in the Endocannabinoid System: Truxillic Acid Mono Esters as FABP5 Selective Inhibitors Iwao Ojima Chemistry Jordan Roiland
09 Gabriella Albanese Theoretical Exploration of Thienoquinoids for Use in Singlet Fission Benjamin Levine Chemistry; Institute for Advanced Computational Science Gabriella Albanese
10 Robert Seaman Town of Riverhead Feasibility Study Converting Wastewater Sludge to Class A Biosolids Frank M. Russo Civil Engineering Robert Seaman
11 Michael Earvolino The Long Island Museum Information and Wayfinding App Anthony Scarlatos Computer Science Michael Earvolino
12 Carolyn Bremer Crop Yield Predictor for Small Farms in Monroe County, NY Anthony Scarlatos Computer Science Carolyn Bremer
13 Daniel DeLayo Towards Empirically and Theoretically Efficient Automated HBM Management Michael Bender Computer Science Daniel DeLayo
14 Anthony Xiang Mood/Mental Health Prediction using Deep Audio Embeddings and Text Mining Andrew Schwartz Computer Science Anthony Xiang
15 Giorgian Borca-Tasciuc Multi-Stanza: Making a robust parser for natural language understanding Paul Fodor Computer Science Giorgian Borca-Tasciuc
16 Felix Rieg-Baumhauer Blind Navigation Stack: An approach to Blind, Autonomous Navigation Scott Smolka Computer Science Felix Rieg-Baumhauer
17 Andria Padilla SHADOW-WORK: Exploring Jungian Psychoanalysis and Effective Catharsis Through Creation and Poetry Star Black Creative Writing & Literature Andria Padilla
18 Madhurie Parasram Dirty Bathroom Mirror Julie Sheehan Creative Writing & Literature Madhurie Parasram
19 Julie Micko Utilizing ecological modeling to project effects of climate change on Ambystoma californiense populations in central California Liliana M. Dávalos Ecology and Evolution Julie Micko
20 Alexander Qin Intercar Communication System using V-MAC - a Data-Centric Medium Access Fan Ye Electrical and Computer Engineering Alexander Qin
21 Conor Burbige Experimental determination of carbon and oxygen ‘clumped’ isotope reordering rates in the iron(II) carbonate mineral siderite Gregory Henkes Geosciences Conor Burbige
22 Joshua Pinnock Trypophobia: A Phobia or Mental Disorder? Deborah Zelizer Health Science Joshua Pinnock
23 Daniel Hamam In what ways do choice of frequencies and chord progressions impact the listener’s mood? Kathleen Amella Humanities Daniel Hamam
24 Darryl Ferguson The Linguistics of Filmmaking Mark Aronoff Linguistics Darryl Ferguson
25 Liam Tedford Case Studies in Indigenous North American Sign Languages Mark Aronoff Linguistics; Anthropology Liam Tedford
26 Nancy Liang Changes in Heart Rate of American Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) in Response to Environmental Conditions Robert Cerrato Marine Sciences Nancy Liang
27 Julian Michele Belyi-Extending Maps and the Monodromy Group of Dessins d'Enfants Lisa Berger Mathematics Julian Michele
28 Rebecca Proscia Hearing Truths: A Rhyming Exploration of the Effects of Inspiration Margaret Schedel Music Rebecca Proscia
29 Matthew Lee Educational Computer Applications for Basic Neural Networks and Image Processing Shaoyu Ge Neurobiology & Behavior Matthew Lee
30 Michael Liu Functional significance of subconductance states in NMDA receptors containing a disease-associated missense mutation Lonnie Wollmuth Neurobiology & Behavior Michael Liu
31 Daniel Aldarondo Recognition Memory in a Rat Model of Pre-Motor Parkinson's Disease Mary F. Kritzer Neurobiology & Behavior Daniel Aldarondo
32 Perri Zilberman Characterizing Neutron Invisible Scattering in a 3D Projection Scintillator Detector Chang Kee Jung Physics & Astronomy Perri Zilberman
33 Owen Steele T-matrix Numerical Solution Applied to Scattering Nanospheres Klaus Dehmelt Physics & Astronomy Owen Steele
34 Matthew Toledo Rozycki Particle Detection with Metamaterials & Nanosphere Scattering Klaus Dehmelt Physics & Astronomy Matthew Toledo Rozycki
35 Julian Driebeek Preliminary Review of a Novel Technique for Identifying High Momentum Charged Hadrons Thomas Hemmick Physics & Astronomy Julian Driebeek
36 Sylvi Stoller Generating Plasma Channels with Controllable Characteristics Using the Flying Focus Method Navid Vafaei-Najafabadi Physics & Astronomy Sylvi Stoller
37 Taylor Esposito An Analysis of De Facto Segregation in NYC Public High Schools Peter Salins Political Science Taylor Esposito
38 Nomrota Majumder Evolution of the Patient Record Genre: Assessing Connections Between Workplace Communication and Social, Historical, and Cultural Forces Laura Lisabeth Program in Writing and Rhetoric Nomrota Majumder
39 Nita Wong Examining the intersections between the literary experience and narrative-based medicine Peter Khost Program in Writing and Rhetoric Nita Wong
40 Christine Om Fragments That Remain Sarah Azzara Program in Writing and Rhetoric Christine Om
41 Vinicius Peres Silva Psycho-Oncology in Young Adult Cancer Patients Anne Moyer Psychology Vinicius Peres Silva
42 Antoinette Afriyie Mental Health Outcomes in STEM students during COVID-19 Bonita London Psychology Antoinette Afriyie
43 James May The relationship between referential difficulty and audience design Susan Brennan Psychology James May
44 Brianne Ledda A lost burial: The suspected grave of America's first published Black poet Barbara Selvin & J.D. Allen School of Communication and Journalism Brianne Ledda
45 Joy Hamlin An Investigation of Fibrations Over a Circle and Fundamental Groups Rodrigo Barbosa Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Joy Hamlin
46 Sachin Patnaik Toward Equity: Assessing Health Care Needs for Transgender Individuals Catherine Marrone Sociology Sachin Patnaik
47 Andrea Palu American Patient Opinions on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Jason J. Jones Sociology Andrea Palu
48 Deanna Bassaragh A Content Analysis on Dating Violence Behaviors Present in Media Consumed by Adolescents Norman Goodman Sociology Deanna Bassaragh
49 Justine Marcinek Finding Effective & Accessible Ways to Present Public Health Information About COVID-19 Rebekah Burroway Sociology Justine Marcinek
50 Salwa Raheel Media coverage of illicit substances: a content analysis Rebekah Burroway Sociology Salwa Raheel
51 Gowri Yerramalli Examining the relationship between increased presence of stressors and change in eating habits in patients with morbid obesity during the COVID-19 pandemic Genna Hymowitz Stony Brook Medicine - Bariatric Surgery, Bariatric and Metabolic Weight Loss Center Gowri Yerramalli
52 Lauren Mistretta The Characterization of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase 2 Martin Kaczocha Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Anesthesiology Lauren Mistretta
53 Varun Reddy Drug overdoses and drug-related arrests during COVID-19 pandemic Jaymie Meliker Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine Varun Reddy
54 Pooja Deshpande Survey of Stony Brook University Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness during COVID-19 Lauren Hale Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine Pooja Deshpande
55 Erika Nemeth Ceramide-Activated Protein Phosphatase 2A in the Cellular Response to Chemotherapy Daniel Canals Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Medicine Erika Nemeth
56 Snigdha Kanadibhotla Proposing Synergistic Combinations with the AMP LL-37 for the Treatment of Candida Albicans Infection Sangeet Honey Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Microbiology and Immunology Snigdha Kanadibhotla
57 Scott Fiala The Molecular Mechanisms of Allergen Immunotherapy in Treating Allergic Asthma Howard B. Fleit Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Pathology Scott Fiala
58 Michael Simoes Discovery of Novel Inhibitors of Neutral Ceramidase for Colorectal Cancer John D. Haley Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Pathology Michael Simoes
59 Nashitah Islam Feature Selection-Based Machine Learning for the Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder Tim Duong Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Radiology Nashitah Islam
60 Spencer Cattalani Construction of a Nonformal, Simply Connected, Symplectic Manifold Mark McLean Mathematics Spencer Cattalani